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When A Trip to Bloomingdales Leads to Inspiration and Creation


If you read this blog regularly, I think you know that I love the idea of taking something that you see out in the world and trying to create it yourself.  By virtue of living in this country, we are very fortunate.  I think that most people who read this blog have most of what they need and we live in a country where everything is available to us.

That’s why I think it’s so satisfying when we resist that impulse to buy something attractive just because it’s there or it’s 30% off.  It’s satisfying to to be a little more thoughtful about what we want or need.  And of course, it’s most satisfying when we can create it with our own hands. 

Amy's Pillow 1
Amy’s Hand Knit Pillow

When Amy came in with her finished pillow a few weeks ago, I couldn’t help but note that it was practically perfect.  The holiday bustle as kept me from posting it on Facebook and Instagram, and I’m now really happy for that delay.  Yesterday Amy came in and we talked about her fabulous pillow. 


She told me how she knit it up using Loopy Mango’s Big Cotton, and how she modified the pattern given to her by the wonderful ladies from Loopy Mango.  Then she showed me a photo of an Ugg pillow she’d seen at Bloomingdales, and how shew went on to recreate it.  This complete telling about how and why she made this pillow made it all the more special.  

Eugenia Kim Headband
that Eugenia Kim headband I needed to have – yes it sells for $125

Similarly, this picture of a Eugenia Kim ear warmer/headband kept popping up on my Facebook feed in a Bloomingdales advertisement.  Apparently Facebook & Bloomingdales knows that I like quirky headwear in bright colors.  Their marketing ended up being effective in that I decided that I MUST have one for myself.  Of course, that meant I had to make one myself.  I decided to play around with a pattern, experimenting with the copious amounts of extra super-bulky yarn I have lying around my house.  My first version was ribbed like the Eugenia Kim version, but I decided to try to make one up in all stockinette stitch.  I modified the pattern a bit, taking copious notes in case there’s someone else out there that wants a turban-like headband to keep their ears warm.  I made a smaller version for my daughter.  Then  I tweaked it a bit more with a provisional cast-on.  I finished my final, bright pink version this morning while sitting in the parking lot at the Equinox, before my session with my trainer.  My final version is made in a bright shade of pink Rasta that no one loves as much as I do.  (And if you’re interested just email me – I have a pattern scrawled on the back of a napkin that I can share with you!)

my headband
my bright pink headband (my daughter is a much better model)

I am tickled that Amy was out in the world and saw something that fit into her life, but that some impulse told her to make it herself.  I love that Amy and even more of our knitters feel empowered enough to say to themselves “I can do that.”  When it’s all knit and done, and it turns at that yes we can and we DID do that, it’s a bit of a confidence boost that does us all a little good.  

It’s a time of year when many of us are running around, trying to get gifts for everyone, hurrying with last minute preparations.  Try to replace some of that buying with some making.  Whether you are hurrying or not, chance are you’re going to enjoy yourself while you’re doing your creating.  Whatever you create, it’s a serious accomplishment and it only could have been made by you.

On a completely related note, I think all knitters should check out the December 9 episode of Bob’s Burgers.  If you’re not familiar with this show (let’s be honest, most of you probably aren’t familiar with this show), it’s a delightfully honest and hilarious take on family life.  This episode (called “Better Off Sled”) is in part about the family’s mom, Linda Belcher, trying to bang out some hand-knit gifts for her children.  I don’t want to spoil the fun for you, but I will say that we are all Linda Belcher, and that there are some serious knitting truths in this episode.  As long as you’re not offended by children who swear mildly, I think you’ll appreciate this episode.  Here’s a little teaser for you before I sign off!


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