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New Projects on Ravelry – Perfect for Holiday Time!

A plethora of beautiful new projects have been sprouting up around Ravelry in the past 72 hours.  They all tend to be small to medium projects that look like they could be completed before Christmas gift-giving, and they all happen to be made using yarns that I just adore.  In the middle of a big sweater project, I could use a little distraction with a smaller project, and each of these is tugging hard at my sleeve, inspiring me to cast on something new.  Here’s the rundown.

Strider by Martina Behm using Schoppel Wolle’s Edition 3



Schoppel Wolle’s Wonderful Edition 3

Strider is a new scarf pattern from Martina Behm using Shoppel Wolle’s Edition 3.  We love this yarn for so many reasons.  Edition 3 straddles the line between sport-weight and DK-weight, and it is a super-wash wool.  Beautiful color combinations transform into gorgeous marled fabrics.  Behm makes the most of this yarn with a simple pattern that has a unique shape (a point in the middle of an otherwise basic scarf).  Knit in garter stitch, it is a simple project appropriate for beginner knitters and uses 3 balls of Edition 3.  If you’re the least bit interested, definitely check out the Ravelry page on this scarf, so you can see the fun shape of this simple scarf. 

Dipyramid Set
Emily Greene’s Dipyramid Set

Emily Greene has just released a mitt pattern to complement her Dipyramid hat that was released in Pompom magazine recently.  I’m a big fan of Greene’s designs.  They have a modern, architectural aesthetic that still seems to honor old knitting traditions like cables and colorwork.  Both the Dipyramid hat and the Dipyramitts can be purchased on their own.  They take a relatively simple (but modern) color work pattern to make thick and warm looking hats and mitts.  Plus, the mitts are written as full mittens, fingerless mitts and convertible mitts.  This sounds incredibly pleasing to my cold hands.  The hat is worked up in Arbor, while the mitts are worked up in Peerie.  Both of these yarns are delightful to work with and dance agreeably around your fingers as you knit with them. 

Making Spirits Bright is a new hat pattern by Mary Annarella, knit up in a favorite yarn of mine: Madeline Tosh Vintage.  This round and supple yarn is absolutely delightful to knit with, and the subtle pattern of this hat offers a beautiful balance of the yarn’s qualities and the texture of the hat.  Annarella is clearly feeling our vibe at Wool & Grace, topping it with a big, fur pompom.  However, I absolutely love that she made a cap in a handsome green and put it on a man, letting us see how versatile this hat is and helping us imagine all of its potential wearers!

I’m incredibly drawn to the simplicity of Craig Rosenthal’s Seeded Cowl.  This elegant piece is that much more so, knit up in a combination of some of our favorite and softest fibers: Shibui’s Maai and Birch.  This simple stitch is suitable for all levels of knitters, and it’s written in two lengths, so that it can be worn single and close to neck, or long and with the potential to double it up.  I always think bigger is better, especially when Shibui fibers are involved.  I want to give Rosenthal a hug and to say thank you for bringing this simple and indulgent knit to the table. 

Here are some knits that are fun and different than our typical go-to patterns at Wool & Grace.  They use tried and true yarns and are projects that most knitters can knit up with success and satisfaction!

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