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August is slow in so many ways… the shop is slower than usual (which isn’t to say it’s slow) and we’re all moving at a difference pace because we’re in vacation mode.  So while I have a moment to breathe, I’m taking stock of new patterns that are showing up on Ravelry and catching my eye.  Knitters are always busy and putting new stuff out there for us.  


Natsu Cardigan
Natsu Cardigan by Ambah O’Brien

Natsu Cardigan

Ambah O’Brien is always creating designs that catch my eye – usually shawls and accessories.  She recently released the pattern for the Natsu Cardigan and it just happens to be that piece I have been wanting to make for a while, but I could never find a pattern to suit my tastes.  Natsu is a cocoon-type cardigan, more like a shawl with sleeve holes than anything.  It’s an easy piece to throw on over a tank or tee while you head into a frigid grocery store, and it’s light enough that you can keep it on despite some serious heat.  It’s knit up in Shibui’s Reed  at a gauge of 22 stitches/4”, making a diaphanous fabric with drape.  Knowing this yarn well, I know exactly how it’ll knit up and I can envision it perfectly… and I want it.  Construction of this piece is pretty simple, and this is a great project for anyone who wants to make a garment but doesn’t want into dive into full-on sweater construction!  Can you tell I really like this project?


Wings by Alina Schneider


Alina Schneider collaborated with Knit One Crochet Too to create Wings, a flattering, feminine pullover knit up in Daisy (that lovely hemp/silk/linen blend from Knit One Crochet Too).  Twisted rib accentuates the lines around the shoulders, a detail that’s super popular in knitwear fashion these days.  Extra long sleeves and a little ease make this piece effortless to wear.  Despite the ease, the drape on this fabric keeps it close to the body, which is part of what makes it so flattering.  I-cord trim at the neckline keeps it looking finished and polished.  A top-down sweater knitter will think this sweater is a breeze, and it’s even a good option for a relative newbie to sweater knitting.


Spring Moss Shawl
Spring Moss Shawl by Black Crow Knits

Spring Moss Shawl

The Spring Moss Shawl is another new pattern that features Daisy.  It’s a pretty simple stockinette, half-circle shaped shawl with lace trim.  Daisy knits up into such a beautiful fabric that has lovely drape, and it’s one of those yarns that gets better the more you wear it.  I see this as an accessory that goes every with you throughout the warm weather months (and into the cooler months)!  The colors of Daisy are bright and alluring: something to keep those warm weather vibes around in any season.  

Lounging Top
The Lounging Top by Joji Locatelli

The Lounging Top

Joji Locatelli just published this simple tee pattern, written for two weights of Madeline Tosh yarns.  Written for a fingering (Tosh Merino Light) and a sport weight, I was surprised to see the gauge differ so dramatically between the two!  This is a simple, sleeveless tee that’s worked top down in one piece.  A little neck edging finishes it off and voila, you have a quick knit that you never want to take off.  The fingering version is written for Tosh Merino Light (yes, yummy and irresistible) but I also can’t help but think it’d be incredible in Shibui’s Reed or Brooklyn Tweed’s new fingering weight Peerie.  Addressing the sport-weight version, it has a gauge of 17.5 stitches over 4”.  I’ve never worked with the sample yarn, but based on this info, I think it’d be lovely in something like Juniper Moon’s Zooey or Neve, or Skinny Cotton from Blue Sky Fibers.  At that gauge, I just see something like a comfy cotton tee, and those three yarns will give you just that!

Obvious Martina Brehm
Obvious by Martina Brehm


This wrap pattern by Martina Brehm features strong angular blocks of color that run diagonally throughout the wrap, punctuated by a few triangles (achieved, I believe, with a mitered stitch).  Key words in her description that make it looks so appealing (besides those color blocks) are “no lengthy cast-on or bind-off.”  For some reason that aspect of knitting wraps and shawls can seem so daunting to me – but it’s completely missing here.  This wrap has the same appeal as Rivage (knit up in Loft, which I recently finished and am completely obsessed with) – an oversized wrap that can completely envelope you and protect you from the outside world.  Yes, it’s a socially acceptable adult blankie, and I’m a big fan.  Brehm’s pattern calls for a sport weight yarn, but at a gauge of 21 stitches over 4” (in squishy yummy garter!) you should consider sport and DK weight yarns.  My first go-to is Arbor, with its strong and saturated color palette.  Juniper Moon’s Dromedary, Shibui’s Maai, HiKoo’s Sueno and Criative DK all come to mind as options for this project.  All of these choices will yield results with a different, absolutely lovely fabric that can bring its own character to this project.  

Dreams & Memories
Dreams & Memories by Josée Paquin

Dreams & Memories

One last beautiful new pattern comes from Josée Paquin.  What appears to be a simple lace wrap actually has a brief line of bobbles throughout the middle.  Not all bobbles are created equal (and not everyone loves them) but since one of our knitters came in the other day talking about how much she loved making bobbles, this design caught my eye for it’s hint of quirkiness and it made me think of our bobble loving knitter.  Dreams & Memories is knit up in a fingering weight yarn (Madeline Tosh Tosh Merino Light – which would be perfect, of course) another are tons of other options.  Using Baah’s La Jolla offers a potentially brighter palette while you could make a tweedy version using Debbie Bliss Fine Donegal (on sale everyone!!!), Brooklyn Tweed’s Loft or even Cozette from Knit One Crochet Too.  Refined solids will show your lace patterns, so check out Shibui’s Birch or Staccato or Brooklyn Tweed’s Peerie. 

I’m not surprised these are pieces published in the summer.  They seem to bring along those easy summer vibes.  Nothing is too fussy or difficult – an all would be appropriate to pack up and take on vacation with you (for fuss-free vacation knitting).  Knitters always have to knit, and are always creating something to keep us busy and creative.  Peruse through Ravelry for yourself and find something new or old that will hop on your queue!

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