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What Can I Make With All This Sale Yarn?

Sales on at Wool & Grace.  We’re putting a bunch of our beloved yarns on sale to make space for great new merchandise for fall.  And you now how you go to a yarn shop and see a bin of sale yarn and wonder “what could I make with this?”  Well… I’m going to try to give you some ideas.

Blue Sky’s Alpaca Silk is on sale for $11.70 a skein.  I’m a little bittersweet about saying goodbye to this old friend.  I’m especially bittersweet given that a great new pattern, Esko, has just been released featuring this yarn.  Esko is a swingy kimono using two colors of Alpaca Silk (6-7 skeins of one color, 4-5 of the other), and it’s an easy piece that you can throw on over anything to complete the outfit (and add a bit of drama).  Blue Sky typically brings us simple patterns to knit, and Esko is no exception.

Longtime-favorite lace-weight Findley from Juniper Moon’s farm is also on sale.  Solids are $18.75 and the Dappled is on sale for $22.50.  Remember these balls have almost 800 yards of yarn, and this luxurious silk & wool blend is dreamy to work with.  Findley is a catch for any lace knitters and has been subbed for Shibui’s Lunar as Juniper Moon brings a more vibrant color palette!  We will always love using Findley for Julie Hoover’s Insouciant tee.  Holding two colors of Findley together, you get a marled fabric with gorgeous drape that is delicious to wear.  One skein of each will make the smallest size, and you can make all other sizes with two skeins of each color!

We also put Findley DK Dappled on sale (regular price $30/skein – on sale for $18/skein)!  We don’t have a huge quantity, so think about making stoles like the Panorama Stole.  This yarn is so easy to work with and has beautiful stitch definition.  This free pattern is a no brainer for this yarn, but it’d also be wonderful for other lace pieces!

Tennen (my favorite sale yarn) still has sweater quantities of a couple colors, so perhaps someone could join me in making a Better Than Basic Pullover for themselves in this awesome yarn?  (Plus, I’m totally wearing my version of Inversion knit up in this yarn as I type away!) And yes, you can totally make a squishy cowl with one skein of this yarn, or just knit up a basic scarf in this beautiful yarn – without any work it creates earthy layers of color and has a ton of character in simple stockinette stitch. Tennen is on sale for $15 a skein!

Herriot Fine from Juniper Moon Farms

Herriot Fine is another goodie that I’m loathe to say goodbye to.  One of my favorite sweaters is knit up in this terrific yarn – a single color version of Hint of Summer by Isabell Kraemer.  Herriot Fine is a light-fingering alpaca that will gorgeously transform any lace piece into something deliciously cozy – think the Smocked Lace Wrap or the Fir Cone Lace Shawl, both from Churchmouse.   Did I mention that Herriot Fine is 50% off and $11/skein?

baby alpaca chunky
Cascade’s Baby Alpaca Chunky

We have a lot of chunky yarn on sale, including Ella Rae’s Lace Merino Chunky and Cascade’s Baby Alpaca Chunky.  Baby Alpaca Chunky is so incredibly soft, you should imagine putting it as close to your face as possible – make a ribbed or cabled hat in this exceptionally soft yarn – the Tiilda Hat or Scarlet Hug both keep this super soft yarn nice and close (and both are free patterns)!! Baby Alpaca Chunky is on sale for $11.40 a skein!

lace merino chunky
Ella Rae Lace Merino Chunky

Meanwhile, Lace Merino Chunky (on sale for $17.25/skein) comes in such gorgeous hues and is so user friendly (and by that I mean easy to care for) that you should at least consider making something for baby or child with it!  My go-to favorites are the Tiered Baby Jacket and the Latte Baby Coat, both by Lisa Chemery.

Juniper Moon’s Stratus is also leaving our shelves soon, to make way for it’s softer cousin Fourteen.  But at $11.25 a skein, don’t overlook this incredibly soft, squishy yarn.  Stratus makes great accessory and sweaters.  We loved making the Split Hem cowl (pattern available at Wool & Grace) with this yarn for winter-time gift giving.  Also take a look at Deep Cover, a simple and cozy cowl that knits up easily and in a flash. 

Lang Zero (on sale for $9.75/skein) is a no-pill super wash merino wool and Cascade’s Ultra Pima (on sale for $5.70/skein!!!) is a smooth cotton.  Both are DK weight and would be wonderful for Clare Mountain’s modern wrap, Fennel.

Fennel by Clare Mountain

There are a handful of other fabulous yarns on sale, so be sure to stop by and see everything that is on sale!  And we hope you take these suggestions and run with them – get inspired and make something incredible that is all your own – and at a great price!

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