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Know Yokes

Know Yokes

This month’s Vogue Knitting is centered around patterned yoke sweaters.  Understandably so, as this look is huge this cold weather season, with designers like Stella McCartney, Vince and Tory Burch bringing these looks to market with a lot of success.  There are instructional articles in this issue which discuss how to get a proper fit on a circular yoke sweater and math/design in creating these patterns.  There are also seven (7!!) patterned circular yoke sweaters in the issue.  Safe to say, if this is a look that has been interesting you, you should check out the issue to pique your inspiration and learn a little about execution.

Deborah Newton’s Fair Isle Pullover

It’s tough to talk about favorites, because there are so many.  I will say that Deborah Newton’s version is appealing for many reasons.  To begin, she uses only two colors, so knitters new to Fair Isle will only be juggling two balls of yarn.  Also, I love its roomy shape and open neckline, which make it comfy and feminine.  This pattern calls for a worsted weight wool, and I instantly think of Pure Bliss Falkland for this project – but also consider Iris (also from Pure Bliss) for its clear, saturated colors, HiKoo’s Kenzie or Shepherd’s Wool.  All of these yarns, which are incredibly soft wool, will lend a touch of drape to the finished object, complementing the femininity of this sweater.

Missoni Inspired by Paula Pereira

Paula Pereira’s Missoni-inspired sweater is worked from the top down (in contrast to Newton’s, described above, which is bottom up), and has bands of graphical color work across the bust and sleeves.  Otherwise it’s smooth, stockinette-stitch sailing on this chic sweater.  This version is also worked in a worsted weight, so consider all of the yarns listed above for this sweater, as well.

There are so many other choices for interesting patterned yoke options, that I don’t want to dwell on them too much and ignore the other patterns in the magazine.

Imagining a turtleneck knit up in Malabrigo’s Rasta

In this issue is a gorgeously comfy turtleneck by Rosemary Drysdale knit up in a super-bulky, hand dyed yarn.  For those of us who love love LOVE Malabrigo’s Rasta (all of us, right), this is a perfect opportunity to realize this incredibly soft, painterly yarn a cozy sweater.  This sweater is worked in pieces and features raglan armholes and a deep ribbed hem.  This warm and comfy sweater is quick to knit, and as well all know, immensely satisfying!

John Brinegar’s Welts Pullover

I’m loving John Brinegar’s welted pullover.  Roomy with a hint of texture, I want to get lost in this sort of sweater during hibernation season.  Written for a bulky yarn, I dream of knitting this up in something like Rowan’s Brushed Fleece or Juniper Moon’s Stratus.  Either result will give you a roomy and warm sweater that is light as air.

Jacqueline van Dillen’s Light & Airy Cardigan

Earlier in the season I knit up the Slouchy Pullover (a new pattern from Churchmose Yarns and Tea), and I’m in love with the open stitch of Rowan’s Brushed Fleece, knit up on size US 13 needle.  Jacqueline Van Dillen’s roomy cardigan is similarly appealing.  Van Dillen’s pattern calls for two strands of a worsted mohair held double, I know you could get a similar effect and look knitting with Rowan’s Brushed Fleece on a US 11 or US 13 (depending on your gauge!) needle.  Or check it we still have some El Cielo on sale.  This worsted weight alpaca yarn is spun into an incredibly soft (not itchy) and mohair-like yarn, and is a perfect sub for the yarn called for in the pattern.

There are lots of sweaters to see in this issue, and a few great accessories also.  Don’t miss out, and check out this issue at Wool & Grace today!

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