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What’s On The Needles

What’s On The Needles
I decided to take a leaf out of my own book, and as 2018 arrived, I cast on two new projects that are making me feel awesome.  I am, of course, knitting selfishly: two new sweater projects in two new favorite yarns.  One is remarkably easy, the other a little less so, but it’s certainly not complicated.
At the beginning of our Brooklyn Tweed Pop-Up, I special ordered a bag of Shelter in Postcard.   This inscrutable color is somewhere between pink, lavender and grey with flecks of bright red.  The color is nuanced and intellectually stimulating (yes, I just wrote that – feel free to make fun of me).  I’ve been vacillating over what to make with this for a while, but I finally settled on Larus.  It’s a Brooklyn Tweed pattern, perhaps a couple years old, by Norah Gaughan.  
Larus © Jared Flood/Brooklyn Tweed
Larus is a v-neck tunic with bracelet sleeves.  It’s v-neck is narrow and constructed in an interesting way.  It’s chevron pattern is fashioned out of left and right twists and some slipped stitches.  The chart is relatively easy to memorize and involves lots of counting (which I love, and feels like mental cardio).  I get a lot of weird looks when I show people a pic of the finished product on the pattern, but I know it’s going to be awesome and something that I’ll wear tirelessly.  I’m shortening the tunic slightly since I’m not a tall person, but it’ll still be tunic length on me.  I see it as something I’ll wear with leggings and skinny jeans all the time.  Besides the fact that the pattern is mentally satisfying, I love Shelter (you all know this).  It’s simultaneously soft and rustic, and it feels comforting running through my fingers.
My Larus Progress
My other project is the No Frills Sweater, which I’ve mentioned previously in the blog and I knit up in two shakes of a lambs tail in late November.  This time I’m knitting it in Arbor, in a mustard yellow called Klimt that will definitely require I wear lipstick.  It’s ok, it’s ALWAYS my new years resolution to wear more lipstick, and I never fully realize it.  Maybe this sweater will help?!?  
No Frills Sweater
The first time I cruised through No Frills, I made some modifications without taking notes.  This time around, I’m noting my modifications thoroughly.  While I think this is a great pattern, it’s written for a very confident knitter, and notations look like they haven’t been translated to english with finesse.  This sweater is relaxed and easy to wear, and I’d love to see more people at W&G make it.  I just don’t feel confident handing over the pattern to anyone without some caution.  Maybe some good note taking can change that!  Meanwhile, Arbor is an absolute dream to knit with – it practically flies off my fingers.  It is smooth and bouncy and forgiving to knit with.  All colors of Arbor are solid and nuanced, and Klimt is no exception.  
My second No Frills, after one evening of knitting
What did you choose as your first project for 2018?  I’m eager to hear!!!

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