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Join Me to Knit Some Knockers!

Join Me to Knit Some Knockers!
Hello Knitters!  I just wanted to put out some more information about our Knitted Knocker Drive that is taking place from now and through the month of October in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  So many of us at Wool & Grace have been impacted by breast cancer – whether it is through the struggle and loss of friends or loved ones or having identifying the BRCA gene and therefore undergoing mastectomy and reconstruction.  We understand the widespread impact this one type of cancer has on our community, and we are incredibly enthusiastic to do something with our knitting skills to reach out and help those affected.
We will be teaching knitters how to make Knockers and collecting them for donation over the next six weeks.  Completed Knockers will be sent to Knitted Knockers (located in Washington State), where they will distribute them to women who’ve requested a single or a pair.  If you would like to make Knitted Knockers for yourself, someone you care for or for a medical clinic nearby, you are absolutely welcome to do so!  
Having knitted a few knockers myself already, I’m getting excited about this event and I’m eager to get as many of you involved as possible.  Remember we have Knitted Knocker Workshops coming up on September 23 and October 14, from 11am-12pm.  During these workshops, I’ll be teaching you how to work with double-pointed needles or Magic Loop to make Knitted Knockers.  
I made this pair in honor of my stepmother Patty; my family lost her to breast cancer almost 9 years ago.
I love this little project.  Not only is it a great way to reach out to those in need, but Knitted Knockers are a quick project and ideal for learning small-circumference knitting in the round.  Think of this as a great double whammy: learn a new skill and do some good.  
That said, I hope many of you will join us at one of these workshops.  Please remember that Knitted Knockers has specific yarns that they request for this item, in order to assure that they will be soft, comfortable and washable.  Cascade’s Ultra Pima a Knitted Knocker approved yarn available at Wool & Grace, and we will be keeping it on sale through October because of this event.  I have already been able to get TWO PAIR of Knitted Knitted Knockers out of one skein of Cascade Ultra Pima, so one little hank can do a lot!  
There are a few different methods to make the Knitted Knockers, but I’ll be focusing on making them in the round, either bottom-up or top-down, with DPNs or Magic Loop.  Regardless of what you’d like to try, I recommend having your yarn wound and needles ready before the workshop starts.  I think the Bottom-Up method is the best choice if you are completely new to small-circumference knitting in the round.  For anyone who has experience on either DPNS or Magic Loop and wants to learn the other method, I think the Top-Down method would be totally appropriate for you!  
We hope you’ll join us for this opportunity to make a great contribution that truly comes from the heart.  Also, as with all classes at Wool & Grace, please remember to come with materials purchased from Wool & Grace.
As always, learn more about the Knitter Knockers organization or go online to download their free patterns!  Click here for their website!

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