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Brooklyn Tweed Pop-Up at Wool & Grace

Brooklyn Tweed Pop-Up at Wool & Grace

If you’ve been paying attention to the blog and our weekly newsletter, you’ve heard the news that we’ll be hosting a Brooklyn Tweed Pop-Up Shop in October.  If you’ve spoken to me in person about it, you can probably tell that I AM SO EXCITED.  We’ll be featuring Shelter and Arbor – there’s so much to be done with these two yarns alone!  We already have a few Brooklyn Tweed samples at the shop for you to check out, and we’re excited to have an Arbor Trunk Show with a bunch of fabulous accessories to accompany part of this Pop-Up.

Shelter © Brooklyn Tweed/Jared Flood

Before I move on to discuss the beautiful new collection Brooklyn Tweed just released for Fall/Winter 2017, I’d like to share why these yarns are so lovely.  Shelter is BT’s first yarn, and it is a woolen spun, worsted weight yarn.  Made entirely in the US (all BT yarns com from US raised sheep, and are spun and dyed in the US), this yarn is at once toothy and soft, rugged and delicate.  Pieces knit up light as air.  After blocking, they bloom to their softest potential.  Arbor is a DK-weight yarn but this one is worsted spun.  You’ll be able to see the difference as Arbor has a lot of twist, which gives it some boing, a little more weight and drape.  Both of these are incredibly versatile yarns, becoming the most gorgeous sweaters, blankets, scarves, hats and mittens.  Needless to say, we hope you’ll come and see why we’ve fallen so hard for these incredible yarns.

Since the F/W 2017 collection was just released, I also wanted to entice you with these beautiful patterns.  FYI, we’ll have a limited stock of Shelter and Arbor, so if you would like sweater quantities or specific colors, we strongly encourage you to preorder yarn with us.  OK, back to business: let’s talk patterns.

Charley © Brooklyn Tweed/Jared Flood

Charley is Veronik Avery’s cabled show-stopper.  With all-over texture and twists, this is the piece you can simultaneously slip into easily and admire as a work of art.  These sorts of cardigans are wardrobe staples – like the one you keep at the office when the AC is jacked up too high or you wear to sports games in early fall.  Knit in Arbor, this smooth yarn will show off those gorgeous textures the best.

Equus © Brooklyn Tweed/Jared Flood

Equus is a simple turtleneck sweater, with a panel of texture in the front and back.  I feel like this format is reliably accessible for the designer, Julie Hoover (one of my favs!) for a reason – it works.  It’s to modify the length of the torso or sleeves and also the girth, if you’re a stickler for size like me.  This piece is also knit up in Arbor, so even in the darkest colors you’ll have beautiful stitch definition.

Fieldstone © Brooklyn Tweed/Jared Flood

Fieldstone is a fitted pullover with dramatic cables expertly placed to be flattering.  Norah Gaughan does a great job at bringing us some edgy aesthetics for our hand knits, just as she has done here.  Fieldstone is also knit up in Arbor.

Hunter © Brooklyn Tweed/Jared Flood


Huck © Brooklyn Tweed/Jared Flood


Wallace © Brooklyn Tweed/Jared Flood

Three other Arbor pieces include a striking men’s vest called Hunter, and it has some great gansey textures.  BT does a great job of bringing us beautiful men’s patterns, just have they have done here.  Huck is an intricately cabled hat perfect for men and women.  Also, Wallace is a beautiful textured wrap, giving great impact with a simple combination of knits and purls.

Meyer © Brooklyn Tweed/Jared Flood

The two pieces of the collection that feature Shelter are completely different, yet I’m completely smitten with them both.  Veronik Avery’s Meyer is a simple workhorse of a turtleneck.  This one is easy to modify, but I love how it’s shown – with a moderate amount of ease and the perfect length to be worn with jeans, trousers, skirts or whatever.  I also love a good raglan construction, and Avery subtly enhances hers with a bit of reverse stockinette stitch.

Galloway © Brooklyn Tweed/Jared Flood

Galloway, an open, color-work cardigan is my absolute favorite.  I’ve had stranded color-work on my mind for a while, feeling that I needed to work some into a project.  I love the dramatic v-shape to the front, and the overlapping fronts can be worn open or belted.  More than anything, this piece just looks dreamy and engaging to knit.  This one involves steeking, which is on my knitting bucket list, and I think I’ve got the piece to help me go there.

This week we’ve highlighted two companies that bring us very different aesthetics, but each is the best at execution – both with the quality of their yarn and their thoughtfully produced patterns.  You can satisfy all of your knitting desires between Shibui and Brooklyn Tweed, and we look forward helping you along these knitting adventures!

And just as a reminder, if you are looking forward to this Brooklyn Tweed Pop-Up as much as we are, please stop by and check out samples and color cards.  We’d love to add a special selection just for you to our order!

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