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Needlepoint Love from TNNA and Beyond

Needlepoint Love from TNNA and Beyond

A big part of TNNA for Wool & Grace is checking out the needlepoint canvases and bringing a bunch home.  It makes all the difference to see these in person, and it’s why we’re reluctant to just order from vendors based on pictures and books.  This year, fewer needlepoint vendors were at TNNA – sad for us – but we still found some beautiful and fun stuff to bring home.  Plus, we just received a fantastic order from the gals at Tess & Thorn, with their reliably modern and fresh pieces!

Kate Dickerson Tray Insert, 6″X2.5″ and $55. Tray from Lee Designs $48


Kate Dickerson Pink Floral Glasses Case on 18mm canvas, $86

Kate Dickerson always brings us great needlepoint canvases.  Her bright, light-hearted designs are fun (and easy) and always find an easy place in the home.  We brought home some lovely floral tray inserts (and we have new trays to accompany them) and eyeglass cases.  For sailing buffs, we have a great “Keep Calm and Sail On” canvas – an easy project for any  skill level.  We also love a bright Kilim motif.

Kate Dickerson Keep Calm & Sail On, 8.5″X10.5″ on 13mm canvas, $110


Kate Dickerson Kilim Motif, 8″X16″ on 13mm canvas, $232


Kate Dickerson Monogram Whale, Approximately 14″X9″ on 13mm canvas, $138 (bow and monogram not included)

Voila Designs has awesome kits, which are absolutely darling.  We particularly love the flasks, a perfect gift for the loved one in your life who prefers a favorite Scotch when they are out and about.  Designs feature fish, dogs, and American flags – making them a fun (and safe) gift for anyone who likes their liquor on the go.

Voila Flasks, $68

The designs which made us swoon were most definitely the Tango and Chocolate canvases, which cleverly combine special coffee roasts with dog breeds.  As adamant dog and coffee lovers, we couldn’t love these more.  These design minded canvases are adorably chic.  They are perfect framed or as a pillow in the kitchen or den of any dog-coffee lover (aren’t we all)? We have lots of varieties for your favorite breed/roast.  Oh, and we happen to have a special roast for cat lovers as well!

Tango & Chocolate Golden Light Roast, Approximately 16″X16″ on 18mm canvas, $208

Our new shipment from Tess & Thorn includes a new canvas for a clutch they are featuring.  As a Kansan, I love their Spirit Bison canvas (it’s our state animal).  “Tenacious Traveler Clutch” and “Mediterranean Minimalist” are inspired by Mediterranean textiles.   I really love their Instagram feed, as they show off their WIPs and FOs with style, and show us different ways to put our finished needlepoint canvases to use.  Here’s a taste of new arrivals from Tess & Thorn.

Tenacious Traveler Clutch, 9″X16″ on 13mm canvas, $180


Spirit Bison, 11″X8.5″ on 13mm canvas, $125


Mediterranean Minimalist, 9.5″X5.5X on 13mm canvas, $70

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