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Shibui Trunk Show at Wool & Grace

Shibui Trunk Show at Wool & Grace

Patty and I had a lot of excitement over the weekend at TNNA (did anyone see our pics of the alpacas!?!) – but we’re going to hold off on getting into all of that and talk about the Shibui S/S 2016 Trunk Show that is at Wool & Grace until July 1.  It’s easy to admire these things in photograph. The only tough part about appreciating them in person is deciding which one (or ones, in my greedy case) you have to make.  We hope you stop by to see these amazing pieces in person.  To be able to touch and experience the beauty of the Shibui fabrics firsthand is completely different than seeing them in pictures.

Spectrum Wrap

Spectrum is the biggest no brainer of the bunch.  This pattern can be knit up as a scarf or shawl.  One of our knitters brought in her finished Spectrum scarf a few weeks ago and I almost lost it out of sheer excitement.  The combination of Silk Cloud with the cotton Rain makes a fabric with a subtle halo and sheen to it.  This piece is incredibly sophisticated and is a piece to make anyone – mothers, daughters, friends.  It’s a classic that fits into anyone’s life.  We have a couple knitters who’ve decided to sub yarns with fabulous results.  Patty is making hers in a combination of Pebble and Silk Cloud, while we have a knitter making it in a combination of Dune and Silk Cloud.  (And let me remind you – Dune, in all its heavenly softness, is on sale, as it is discontinued.)  Silk Cloud and Dune knit up into a cuddly and chic fabric that is an absolute winning combination.


Interval and Eclipse are two short-sleeve tees with a twist.  They are similar in shape to Lucia (from the S/S 2017 collection, featured in our KAL) but have distinctive qualities that make them unique and fun to knit.  Eclipse’s name is an obvious choice given the two color quality of the piece.  I think it looks awesome in the highly contrasting colors as modeled, but I think it would also be super cool in a more subtle combination – like a cream and a light grey. You can knit this one up in a combination of Staccato (the super soft fingering yarn) with Reed or Linen.  Interval is knit up in Rain, and is a cool combination of knits and purls that give you some uniquely flattering lines.


Horizon is a long-sleeve pullover, and it looks like two separate pieces, including one which is a crop top.  It’s actually knit as one piece, and contrary to what our instincts would tell us about the crop top look, it is incredibly flattering.  Come and see this one for yourself, because it’s beautiful on, and it’s the type of sweater that can be worn year round.


Meridian, Equinox and Nova are pieces with a longer silhouette, and they can be worn simply or layered in lots of different ways.  Whether you choose to wear them sleeveless or layered with longer sleeves probably depends on what time of year you’ll be wearing them.  Because I can’t help myself, I was throwing them on when I was in the shop the other day, and I delighted to see how great they look over a simple shift dress or skirt, or as modeled over skinny trousers and the likes.  We’ve had a couple knitters make Nova, and I must admit this one is a favorite.


Aurora is my absolute favorite.  It looks like simple vest, but its hand is incredible and it works in so many ways.  I’ve seen this one worn about at TNNA and the likes (it’s clearly a favorite among LYS owners), and it’s worn layered over a simple long-sleeve tee, on its own, worn frontward or backward.  This beauty is knit in a combination of Cima along with Linen or Reed (and in case you’ve forgotten, Linen is also discontinued – and is on sale at Wool & Grace – so come get yours while you can!).

I currently have two Shibui projects in the works, and it is a joy to work with.  I feel like I’m being good to myself by letting myself work with these incredible fibers.  How satisfying knowing that the finished result is something that is so chic and classic, and something that I will love to wear for years to come.  I know I’ll have added at least one more Shibui project to my queue before the trunk show departs.  Stop by Wool & Grace to see which one is for you!

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