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Sweater Weather

Do you ever discover a designer and then decide that you want to knit all of their patterns at once? I am having one of those moments with Jennifer Steingass. I fell in love with her patterns after my good friend Alex mentioned that she was knitting a new color-work sweater called Celosias. She loved the way the pattern was written and how it was knitting up. Once she was finished, the sweater fit so beautifully and looked so smart, I immediately began planning which ten sweaters from Jennifer’s catalogue I wanted to start next!

In the end I could only pick one, but I have two other patterns bought, so watch this space there may be more to come.

First, let’s start with Alex’s choice, the Celosias. We offered this pattern as a knit-a-long for our Wednesday night “Crolex Class” (Carrie, Rhona and Alex classes are known as Crolex classes and are super fun!) The sweater is knit top-down which makes it a lot easier to fit the sweater as you knit, to make sure it’s long enough for your shape. The pattern also has short rows to shape the back and neck and a clever color-work pattern that includes increases so well designed that you don’t even notice them. All in all, this is a really fabulous pattern, we’d mark it as intermediate and you end up with a super smart sweater. Alex used Arbor for her sweater and I think it worked fabulously! You could just as easily use Eco Cashmere, Simplicity or Sueno DK for an equally sublime result.

The one I chose is called Silver Forest and I’m using the suggested yarn which is Loft. I like to set myself unusual challenges and this one has a few of those built in. Firstly, it is knit from the bust to the neck bottom-up using a provisional cast on – strange right? Then the provisional cast on is picked up before separating the arms and knitting top down for the rest of the sweater. There is also a four color pattern as the main feature, with two rows involving three of these simultaneously. I am beginning to regret my choice as I struggle through the first of these rows, but I am excited to see how the pattern develops over time. Again, there are short rows cleverly used for the shaping and also the additional decreases for the neckline are built seamlessly into the color work. I don’t have much to show so far, but my progress so far is pictured below.

There are so many other patterns from this designer that I am in love with and since sweater weather is starting early this year, I thought it might be a great time for you to pick your favorite and get it started. I have Anaashah in my library and had a mighty fight with myself between this and Silver Forest to pick which one to do first.

Meadow Moon and Goldwing are also beautiful and there are cowl and mitten patterns on her site as well if you don’t feel like taking on the challenge of a full sweater.

As always, we are here to help, so let us know if you have any questions and the shop is open Tuesday through Saturday for you to go and pick your yarn.

Happy Sweater Knitting Everyone!

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  1. OMG! I am obsessed with this exact same designer. I discovered her on Ravelry and for the first time, I actually bought some sweater patterns there. I love her style and started knitting one of her sweaters a few months ago with plans to do more..


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