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Virtual Travel Knitting Fun

With lockdown restrictions easing, we are starting to get out and about more, but our far-flung travel plans are still on hold for the moment. With this in mind, I have searched the internet superhighway to find patterns that will let you knit your vacation rather than taking one. Come travel the world with me through yarn and needles (and maybe some stitch markers).

I have picked some destinations for this blog but feel free to send me your destinations and I’ll see what I can find to fit in with where you were supposed to be going.

Sunshine Destinations

Hibiscus SocksHawaii

You can’t feel the Hawaiian sand between your toes at the moment, but you can wear Hawaii on your feet. Check out this Hibiscus Sock pattern by Christina Rowel on Ravelry. They’re knitted on two circular needles with a stunning colorwork pattern.

Mexican HatMexico

One of our colleagues just knitted a variation on this Mexican Blanket for her son heading off to college (which inspired this post). I love the clean lines in this pattern, and it will be a great reminder of the year you couldn’t make it to Mexico but knitted a Mexican memory instead!

Tour of Europe


One thing you would notice if you were able to take your trip to Ireland this summer is that there are sheep everywhere. Not in the cities mind you but drive a few miles outside any city and you will see signs of sheep all over the place. There are tufts of fiat-128-estate-10 (1)wool in bushes, and fluffs of white visible on the distant hills as you drive on the narrow curvy roads. You may even have to share the road with them if a farmer is moving them from one field to another – my Dad used to bang on the door of the car out the window to keep them from damaging our beloved bright yellow Fiat 128 Estate that carried all 7 of us for a lot longer than any of us were happy with!Baa-babble Hat

Anyway, check out this Baa-ble Hat by Donna Smith that reminds me of those drives ‘down the country’ when growing up and play around with your yarn combos and make your own Irish memories through knitting until you can get there in person!


Giverny StoleOk, I am going to admit that I have this pattern half-finished in my ‘to be completed’ pile. I absolutely love how this knits up and I really don’t want to finish it and end the joy! The pattern is called Gardens of Giverny and it conjures up thoughts of Monet’s Waterlilies, so even though you can’t be there, you can feel transported by looking at the pattern. Giverny ShawlIt seems complicated but is quite easy and once you get the first pattern repeat done, the rest of the stole or shawl is just the same few rows repeated. Pick colors that remind you of France during the summer, a greenish background and a lavender, sunflower or rose accent color would be fabulous in this pattern.

Unusual and Interesting

Lallama MittsThe Andes

If you were thinking of heading to Peru, Chile, Argentina or that region, you would have had lots of opportunities to commune with the lovely Llamas of the Andes and gaze upon the beautiful color patterns of the region. We can save you the altitude sickness by sharing two beautiful Andean region patterns for your enjoyment. These adorable Lallama Mitts from Elizabeth Lubowitz would make the perfect Christmas gift for your nearest and dearest, or yourself.Llama Drama

Or how about wrapping yourself in the spirit of the Andes in this Llama Drama mosaic wrap pattern from Casapinka. Go crazy with two skeins of fingering weight yarn. Mosaic knitting is a really easy way to get a beautiful color pattern without having to carry two yarns with you while knitting. See a quick overview on this technique from Knitfarious here.



Anyone who was planning on doing a cruise in Alaska this summer will be disappointed not to have had a chance to see the stunning scenery in action, but fear not, you can knit the perfect Alaskan view with this Alaska hat from Camille Descoteaux. She shows the hat in both a plain background and a gradient on the ravelry pattern page, I think both are equally stunning. Have some fun with the color combos in this hat and let your imagination run wild until you get to visit the wild in person next summer!

Wherever you were supposed to go this summer, console yourself with the knowledge that this too will pass and all of these exciting destinations will still be there waiting for you when it’s safe to travel again. In the meantime, have fun picking virtual travel destinations to knit!

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