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Did you have a secret language with your friends when you were younger, or write notes in invisible ink or mirror writing? Do you want to feel that way again sometimes? Well, now you can by using your knitting to hide information and keep it away from prying eyes.

While the men went off to fight during the two world wars, women were often encouraged to stay at home and knit to support their troops. Seeing women knitting was so commonplace during these times that no one would bat an eyelid. However, knitting was often used by women to carry out counterintelligence manoeuvres right under everyone’s’ noses.


Not only were knitters quietly sitting by windows, on trains, or outside spying on the world but they were sometimes also knitting codes into their garments to pass the information on troop movements, the number of guards on duty each day or any other interesting tidbits to those who could use it to their advantage.

Now you can follow their lead but in a much less hostile manner. The Purl Code sweater by Isabell Kraemer allows you to knit your secret messages into a sweater and only you will know what it says and means. You simply pick out the words you want to put in your sweater, use the guide included with the pattern to put these words into Morse code, then plan where you want to put them in your sweater.

The pattern comes in both a sweater and cardigan and some yarn options we love are Malabrigo Rios, Kenzie or Shelter. Call or email the store and we can get you the pattern of your choice from Ravelry, help you pick out the perfect yarn and send it to you at home.

Knit a Purl Code for yourself and fill it with words with significance to you. What are you thankful for during this time of uncertainty, what do you want to achieve when we get to go back to normal, what makes you feel loved? Every time you put the sweater on, you’ll be wrapping yourself in these thoughts and inspiration. You deserve a sweater that makes you feel this way.

How about knitting a Purl Code sweater for a daughter heading to college in the fall, you can embed words of power, strength and love into the sweater so that every time she puts it on, she feels like she is wearing your love and support as her armour.  Some words we love for this are: cherished, loved, warrior, strength, smart, sassy, adventurous, capable, passionate, determined…. for a full list of empowered words check out

A Purl Code sweater would also make a special gift for a person has been a constant support in your life, your mom, aunt or cousin, your best friend or someone who has just shown up for you when you needed them and never asked for anything in return. Thank them by surrounding them with your gratitude and how they made you feel, by knitting your feelings into a sweater as a gift for them. To be honest, the world is your oyster with this sweater, so pop in today and let us help you get started on it.

Your new blogger, Rhona

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