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Gift Knitting: Scarves & Cowls

Most of us fiber enthusiasts have knitted gifts on the mind as we roll into the holidays.  We touched on hats a few weeks ago, and I’ve been thinking about scarves and cowls a lot lately.  There are so many standard projects that are big time people players that we can always count on as awesome handmade gifts.  The Red Rasta Cowl knits up in a pinch with one skein of Malabrigo Rasta.  We like to use two or three balls of Loopy Mango Merino No. 5 to knit a soft and colorful garter stitch scarf or cowl.  Or two skeins of Baah’s Sequoia makes a gorgeous seed stitch infinity scarf.  This week I want to talk about some different ideas for you!

The Fisherman Rib Muffler in Ushya

Patty came into the shop a couple days ago with a new sample: a big, soft and light Fisherman Rib Muffler, knit up with Mirasol Ushya.  We have loved this super-bulky yarn a long time, but it often is overlooked next to its more colorful cousins.  Ushya is made of mostly merino wool (there’s a hint of nylon for durability) with a chainette construction.  The beauty of this construction is that it gives volume but keeps it light.  By definition, a fisherman rib is a voluminous stitch.  It’s squishy and light, meant to trap warm air and insulate you.  This scarf is amazing.  It’s big enough that it’s suitable for a man, but it won’t weigh you down.  Fisherman rib is a fun stitch and easy to master.  With a super bulky yarn, you’ll knit up this gift quickly.  Three skeins of Ushya will do the trick on this one!

Nube Cowl pic
Nube Cowl

We introduced Nube, a new yarn from Katia Concept, a few weeks ago.  This unique super bulky yarn is also a chain construction, but looks totally different than Ushya’s chain.  Nube looks like a crochet chain – don’t worry – this doesn’t make it any different to knit with. Nube takes softness to another level, and its cool construction imparts a subtle texture onto basic knitted fabrics.  We love the simple Nube Cowl, which is a simple four-row repeat of knits and purls.  Two skeins of this delightful yarn makes a warm and fresh gift.  

LTYC Super Bulky Cowl
LTYC Super Bulky Cowl

Another super-fast project that uses super-bulky yarn is the LTYC Super Bulky Cowl from Lake Tahoe Yarn Company.  This simple spiral motif puts hand-dyed yarn to great use, and I think it’d be ideal to knit up in Rasta (the yarn called for in the pattern) or Baah Sequoia.  Whichever you choose, you’re going to need one skein of yarn.  It’s textured but simple and allows the beauty of a hand-dyed yarn to speak up.  

La Vie Est Belle
Isabell Kraemer’s La Vie Est Belle knit up in Simplicity Spray

I’ve been obsessed with Isabell Kraemer’s La Vie Est Belle for some time, especially since Skacel knit up a sample in their new yarn Simplicity Spray.  This pointed cowl calls for a DK-weight yarn.  With under 500 yards being put to use, it’s reasonable for someone to knit this up as a knitted gift for the holidays.  I love the soft color variations that Simplicity Spray brings to this project, but other beautiful options are Kokon Merino DK or Brooklyn Tweed Arbor.  

Cooler Side of Warm
the Cooler Side of Warm by Espace Tricot

The Cooler Side of Warm is a snug cowl knit up with a worsted-weight yarn from Espace Tricot.   It’s a simple tube with a split hem (for a dash of style). Free as always, you’ll need about 350 yards of yarn for this one.  I imagine this one being knit up in Juniper Moon Fourteen, which is soft beyond comparison with a luxurious hand.  You’ll need three balls of Fourteen to knit up this sublime cowl, and it’ll stay close to your neck and face to protect you from biting winds on the coldest of days.  Another deliciously soft yarn  for this would be Katia’s Cotton Merino.

the Distitch Scarf by Assia Brill

One last simple but stunning scarf is the Distitch Scarf – a free pattern that is new to Ravelry.  Yes, it is a simple garter stitch scarf, but the edging on it is fascinating.  Assia Brill has apparently invented this new knitting concept which adds a decorative and polished edge to your knitting.  I am fascinated by this glorious edge, and I can’t wait to try out this concept – you know – in my copious amounts of spare time.  Knit up this scarf in a chunky yarn like Fusione, Stargazer Brushed or Juniper Moon Fourteen.  This simple scarf will appeal in its squishy softness of its garter stitch, work for men and women, and teach you something new.  

These suggestions are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to suggestions for scarf and cowl projects for gift knitting.  Be sure to stop by and see our abundance of samples and suggestions, and get ready to cast on your gift knitting soon!

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