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Clearing the Cubbies, Part 1

It’s sale time at Wool & Grace!  We have to clear the cubbies to make space for new Fall inventory.  While we’re super excited about what’s to come, we’re saying good-bye to many really wonderful yarns.  It’s hard not to experience a bit of knitter’s panic right now.  It has little to do with the fact that we’re getting a good deal when things go on sale like this.  It’s more like “Oh no!  You’re going away!  I’m going to miss you so much!  Let me just get a little piece of you before you go.”  Yarns I’m particularly sad to say good-bye to include Falkland Aran, Sita, Kathmandu, Criative DK and Regia Tutti Frutti.  Just to be clear, all yarn references in this post are on sale now at Wool & Grace.

Moonlit Path
Moonlit Path by Lisa Hannes – a great choice for several of our worsted-weight sale yarns!

As we set out inventory for sale, the typical in-store conversation is all about what we would make with this particular yarn.  As we prepped, Maggie had the prize-winning pattern for many of these yarns: Lisa Hannes’ Moonlit Path.  This gorgeous shawl uses about 600 yards of worsted-weight yarn, knit up on a US10 needle to give the fabric gorgeous drape.  Use three colors, about 200 yards of each.  It just so happens that quantity is perfect for many of these yarns on sale, meaning you need just one skein each of three colors.  Alex, Patty & I ogled this pattern that Maggie found and kept saying “that would be perfect for…” with yarn after yarn after yarn passing our lips.  Let me list them out for you… just to make it easy.


  1. Falkland Aran for straightforward but luxurious (and soft as can be) organic wool.  We have so many gorgeous hues of this yarn.  You’ll need 1 skein each of 3 different colors.
  2. Kathmandu for a super-soft tweed version of this shawl.  This tweed is deceptively soft, because it has just the right amount of cashmere to make it so.  You’ll need 1 skein each of 3 different colors.
  3. Sita for a summery cotton version with a hint of sheen.  This gorgeous cotton-silk blend has a chainette construction making it a delight to work with.  You’ll need 3 colors, two balls each.
  4. Misty Wool for a rustic-but-refined version of this shawl.  This yarn is 50% off – a total steal – but it’s also absolutely gorgeous.  You’ll need one skein each of three colors.
  5. Neve for a straight-up cotton version in a plethora of gorgeous colors.  Neve is lovely to work with because of its chainette construction – atypical for a cotton like this. 
Desert Dunes
Desert Dunes by Toby Roxanne Barna – also fabulous for all of those worsted-weight deals!

Desert Dunes by Toby Roxanne Barna is another project that is fantastic for all the yarns listed above.  It’s very much like our ever popular Cane Bay Wrap (that we knit up in Blue Sky Extra) but its written for a slightly tighter gauge.  If you feel confident adapting that pattern for a tighter gauge, go for it!  Even though I’m more than able to do so, I’d honestly just opt for the easy option and buy the pattern that’s already written for my intended gauge.  Love Desert Dunes?  Once again, all five of the wools listed above are perfect for this project.

baby cashmerino
Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino


We’re also saying good-bye to Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino.  Countless adorable patterns have been written for this yarn, most of them by Debbie Bliss herself.  This yarn is synonymous with kids’ knits because it’s soft and easy to care for and its worsted-spun nature gives it great stitch definition – perfect for color-work and cables.  Alana Dakos’ Playful Stripes Cardigan, Pamela Wynne’s Ella Funt and Debbie Bliss’ Baseball Jacket are three of the cutest patterns out there written for this yarn. 

Criative Dk
Criative DK – a great yarn for littles and bigs!

Eurobaby’s Criative DK is another wonderful yarn going on sale that is wonderful for kids.  It’s an unlikely blend of alpaca, cotton and rayon.  It’s washable and soft-as can be.  Our knitters have brought knit up some gorgeous adult-pieces for it, as its hint of sheen lends a decidedly lady-like look to it.  Pixie Dust and Besties are two adorable knits for littles that are great pattern choices for Criative DK.  For the adults, check out Bennet Creek by Kate Gagnon Osborn or Heidi Kirrmaier’s Lakeland

Keep in mind that we have a ton of our sale yarn available online, even more is available in-store!  If you see underlined text throughout this post, click it to get to the sale merch at – and get your deals now before someone else does!

Our Clear the Cubbies Sale is going on, while supplies last, on in-stock merchandise of all sorts of yarns.  Over the next handful of weeks I’ll bring more project ideas for these yarns and these great deals – so stay tuned!

Also – here’s a recap of our sale yarn!

Kathmandu – 30% off, $17.50/skein

Sita – 30% off, $10.85/ball

Big Freakin’ Wool – 50% off, $10.50/skein

Misty Wool – 50% off, $10/skein

Neve – 30% off, $8.40/skein

Dromedary – $13/skein

Stargazer – 50% off, $10/skein

Criative DK – 30% off, $11.20/skein

Cobasi – 50% off, $5.60 – $6.50/skein

Odin – 50% off, $8/skein

Regia Tutti Frutti – 30% off, $13/skein

Baby Cashmerino Solids & Tonals – 30% off, $7.35 – $8/skein

Falkland Aran – 30% off, $18.20 – $18.70/skein

Baby Crofter DK – 30% off, $4.90/skein


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