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Trunk Shows Galore at Wool & Grace

In anticipation of next week’s NJ Wool Walk, we’ve brought in beautiful trunk shows from Brooklyn Tweed and Shibui.  As we put this together I tried to be methodical about it, thinking about the yarns we love and pieces that I felt would appeal to our community of knitters.  Now that they’ve arrived I feel I’ve been swept up in a flurry of emotion.  These are pieces that have been around for a while, but to see them up close gives me a new appreciation for them.  It’s like I’m at my high school reunion, surrounded by people I’ve known and appreciated a long time, but with a renewed sense of love and enthusiasm for them. 

For Shibui, this services as a timely reminder of how these classic, refined and sophisticated pieces flatter the body.  As mentioned in last week’s blog, these are all hand-knits that are relatively easy to execute, but made using the most gorgeous fibers.  We have three amazing Shibui pieces here. 

Le Guin
Le Guin © Shibui Knits

Le Guin is a simple pullover with a high-low hem and a garter panel running down the front.  The combination of the luminous Lunar and the crazy-soft Maai make for a fabric that is feminine and indulgent.

Angelou © Shibui Knits

Angelou is a tunic-vest that is largely made in a combination of Birch and Cima, two of my favorite Shibui fibers.  A folded, curved hem is polished and flattering.  Meanwhile a neckline made of Drift is substantial and structured.

Sontag © Shibui Knits

Sontag is a light layering piece, a turtleneck pullover made of Lunar and Pebble.  This piece absolutely knocked my socks off when it arrived at the shop.  It’s drape subtle and sexy and it’s sheen elevates the piece.  I wish I could steal this piece away and wear it all week.  It’s perfect for these early spring days, but it’ll also layer beautifully throughout the cold months. 

A Brooklyn Tweed trunk show is special in its own ways: more than anything I love to see how the fibers have evolve over the years.  As I said, there’s nothing new about these pieces.  (This Brooklyn Tweed trunk show is a collection of Michele Wang patterns, many of which are several years old.)  The woolen fibers from Brooklyn Tweed just get better with time.  They soften with wash and wear, but they are also incredibly durable.  There are a few pieces in this collection that have piqued my interest over the years, but that I’ve been uncertain about.  To be able to see them in person eliminates that uncertainty in all the right ways.

McLoughlin ©Jared Flood/Brooklyn Tweed

McLoughlin is a cabled mock-turtleneck made of Quarry.  I think it was one of the first patterns written after Quarry’s release.  I loved the look of this piece, but was so confused as it was written to be worn with much less ease than most of Brooklyn Tweed’s patterns.  To see it in person now let’s me see this beauty in action.  It’s a gorgeous sweater, with cables that follow the feminine lines a woman’s body. 

Trillium ©Jared Flood/Brooklyn Tweed

Trillium is a tried-and-true circular yoke cardigan.  It’s one of Wang’s more popular patterns and it’s so easy to see why. The construction is straightforward with little flourishes.  The circular yoke is easy to wear, feminine and flattering.  Trillium is knit up using Shelter.

Cadence is a choose-your-own-adventure in sweater knitting, knit up in Shelter.  I made this years ago (before we carried Brooklyn Tweed) as a v-neck with long sleeves, and it has continued to be a favorite piece that is versatile and flattering.  Cadence can also be made as a crewneck or a turtleneck and with ¾ sleeves. 

Tallis © Jared Flood/Brooklyn Tweed

Tallis is a drop-shoulder pullover with little details at the hem, neckline and sleeve seams that act like an assertive punctuation on an otherwise basic piece.  We’ve seen our knitters make this up before, and it’s lovely, flattering and easy to wear.  It’s knit up in Shelter and an absolute classic. 

Stowe © Jared Flood/Brooklyn Tweed

Stowe is an open, textured cardigan knit up in Shelter.  It’s cozy and sexy, like a robe that you can wear out into the real world. It’s a perfect piece of outerwear on a day like today, or a layering piece to wear in the deep winter. 

Yishu © Jared Flood/Brooklyn Tweed

Yishu is a graphic tunic made up in two colors of Loft.  It’s a distinctive statement and an easy layer.  We love Loft because it’s light enough to wear in the late spring or early fall.  Since Yishu can be layered so easily over long sleeves, you’ll find that it can be worn almost anytime. 

We have another special delivery coming from Brooklyn Tweed just in time for the Wool Walk.  Stay tuned to our Instagram and Facebook feeds for hints and teasers about a special preview that we are delighted to have here!  Then stop by, now or during the Wool Walk to pick out your next Shibui and Brooklyn Tweed projects!

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