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Knit Selflessly


Last week I talked about selfish knitting, something I fully endorse.  This week the universe is telling me to think about knitting selflessly.  

beloved pair
A pair of beloved for a knit-worthy teacher!

First there was my daughter’s teacher who asked another knitter in a big group conversation to make she and her daughter a hat (matching… adorable).  When the other knitter explained that it would take her forever she then volunteered me because, apparently, it would take me one day to complete the task.  Knitted gift for a teacher?  Yes please!  To me this is a no brainer.  If anyone is knit-worthy, our committed, caring and underpaid educators are knit-worthy.  It’s taken me more than a day to knit up these matching hats, but that has worked in my favor.  In the midst of a busy week, it’s been nice to have something to turn to that allows me to reflect on someone (a teacher) that I am so grateful for. 

prayer shawl
a prayer shawl like the ones Sarah had been working on

Second, one of our customers came in with prayer shawls she’d knit up for her church.  I loved listening to Sarah as she talked about knitting her prayer shawls with another customer.  Her prayer shawls were simple to knit, and great little projects to work on while watching tv and relaxing.  She didn’t have to labor over any complicated details in the pattern, just zone out and let her fingers keep busy.  She clearly loved the simple act of knitting, and was putting all of those stitches to good use, making something that is meant to give comfort to people who were sick, elderly or convalescing.

fiber fairies
Morristown Fiber Fairies

Last, there were the Morristown Fiber Fairies.  We got a call last week, presumably from one of the fairies, asking for volunteer knitters to make hats and scarves for the homeless population in Morris County.  This clandestine organization decks out the statues in the Morristown Green with hats and scarves throughout the cold-weather months.  While it’s fun that the Fiber Fairies keep their identities a secret (what’s better than a mystery?) they do this to bring attention to the fact that there is a homeless population in our area, and to help these people in need.  

fiber fairies 2
more good deeds by the Morristown Fiber Fairies

It has been uncomfortably cold this past week.  I say that having a home to keep me warm.  It’s hard to deny that this is a knit-worthy organization at very cold times like these.  If you’d like to learn more about the Fiber Fairies, check out this article on them from the Daily Record.  Also, you can check out their Facebook page here.  Through Facebook you can PM them directly to coordinate donations.  If you have warm hats and scarves you’d like to donate, you are also welcome to bring them to me, and I’ll make sure they get in the hands of the Fiber Fairies!

If you are ready to do some selfless knitting, I recommend picking projects that are easy-as-pie.  I think it’s much better to think about those good vibes you’re spreading, the people you’re knitting for, or to get lost in a good show or audiobook while your fingers stitch away.  

Fiber Fairy knitters should can knit up a hat by knitting up a tube and cinching up the live stitches once it is “hat length.”  We have plenty of super-easy hat patterns at the shop, or you can find a load of them on Ravelry by checking the “Difficulty” filter to “Piece o’ cake.”  Scarves and cowls can be similarly easy.  Pick a thick yarn that will knit up quickly (and be warm) because really-truly, the need is imminent.  

Doing something kind for someone is a win-win situation: people feel good when they do something to help another person.  Plus, when our hearts are in it, helping someone out is effortless.  Whether you’re knitting for someone you know and appreciate or for a stranger in need, I know you’ll love knitting selflessly as much as you love the rest of your knitting.

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  1. Also, knit hats and shrugs for layettes put together by the Christ Child Societ of Summit, a very fun and worthwhile endeavor.


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