Project Ideas

Feeling Techno

Techno Mellow
Blue Sky’s Techno in Mellow

We received some new colors of Blue Sky’s Techno the other day, and welcoming these additions to our Techno palette made me refocus on this lovely yarn.  This bulky weight yarn has been a part of Blue Sky’s line for several years, and it’s a favorite among our knitters for some obvious reasons.  It’s soft and feels great next to the skin.  It’s bulky, and knits up quickly into your finished objects (meaning we knitters feel all the more successful when we use it!).   It’s quite different, though.  Fittingly called Techno, I’d imagine because it took some technical marvels to create this yarn.  It’s structure includes a strong core of silk that is somehow worked into an i-cord like structure, with bits of alpaca and some merino “blown” through it, making it soft, lofty, light and generally wonderful.  This composition is a lot like a bunch of beautiful yarns we now take for granted: Katia’s Cotton Merino or Cascade’s Luminosa to name a few.  Techno was the innovator. 

Sasha Wrap
the ever popular Sasha Wrap

Blue Sky’s Sasha Wrap has been a perennial favorite for our knitters.  It’s simple to knit an easy to wear – as a wrap or a scarf.  It’s a perfect project for knitters who have just completed their first project.  Let’s come up with some other ideas for fun Techno projects.

Turtle Dove
Espace Tricot’s Turtle Dove – I want another one, and Techno is perfect for it.

An easy next suggestion is Turtle Dove, the popular new pattern from Espace Tricot.  Patty and I have both made this recently.  I’m actually wearing mine right now, as I type away overlooking a beautiful lake from my parents’ dining room.  I’m in such a Zen place right now, it’s hard for me to not wonder what else I can use to make another Turtle Dove.  Techno is a perfect choice.  It’s the right weight for this effortlessly stylish piece, and soft enough that you’ll want to wear it all the time – which is exactly what you should do with your Turtle Dove.  Patty and I have overwhelmingly agreed that this is a fantastic first sweater project.  Worn with a lot of ease, we don’t need to labor over gauge too much (although you should still check your gauge) and its construction is elegant in its simplicity. 

Getting Warmer
Getting Warmer by Espace Tricot

Another no brainer for Techno, which happens to be another pattern from Espace Tricot, is Getting Warmer.  I’ve mentioned this project time and time again.  A conical, garter stitch cowl is chic and simple to wear.  It’s also straightforward and simple to knit – another home-run for newer knitters.  Experienced knitters, this is one you can knit in your sleep – making it ideal for gift knits. 

Nevis Cowl
Nevis Cowl – made for Techno

On the cowl front, I also love the Nevis Cowl.  This large loop is knit in two colors of Techno (using one skein of one color, two of the next), it’s worked in a combination of seed stitch and garter stitch.  This combination of colors and textures will make for a project that is engaging to knit, but not overly fussy.  This sort of large loop is easy to double around the next to insulate you from winter winds.  Unwrap yourself to wear it with style indoors. 

I love the chic and crisp look of Churchmouse’s Half & Half Cowl and their Two Point Cowl.  While these two products are similar in their aesthetic, their construction is slightly different.  They’re both simple to knit.  Once again, they are great projects for newer knitters, with clever techniques to give your knitting a more finished look.  Proficient knitters will fly through these projects, making these another great gift knitting option.

Alessa Hat
the adorable Alessa Hat

I want a good hat in Techno, and one that has been pulled off many times by knitters is the Alessa hat by Szilvia Linczmaier.  I love the look of this single cable laying over a squishy garter backdrop.  Slightly slouchy and sized for all ages, this is a great project for any adorable gal, no matter her age.  I love projects like this one for someone who is ready to dabble in cables.  You get to cable a number of times within this quick little project, but you’re not overwhelmed by it.

Be sure to check out our Techno selection in store and online, and then pickup your own next Techno project today! 

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