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Another Great Gift

I’m motivated to be a better gift-knitter this year.  Specifically, I want to shower some hand-knit love on some of the awesome teachers my kids are lucky enough to learn with.  If anyone deserves something like this, our teachers do.  However, like most of you, I don’t have all the time in the world.  I need to be discriminating and pick something that isn’t TOO time consuming, but I want it to be absolutely lovely.  I want the recipient to find it easy to wear and feel totally indulged when wearing it. 


Patty made up another great project and I think it totally fits the bill.  The Simply Irresistible Wrap is a generous scarf – big enough that you could wrap it around your shoulders when there’s a chill in the air, but the right size that you could sling it around your neck a few times to wear as a scarf.  This piece is big chunks of stockinette stitch with stripes of a simple eyelet spacing it.  We have our sample knit up in Madeline Tosh Vintage – and it’s hand dyed quality effortlessly gives this simple fabric texture and depth. 


Vintage is a super-wash merino wool, with lots of twist and a nice round texture.  The result is that it flies off your needles.  Patty appropriately said “you could knit that in your sleep” and she’s right.  Vintage is that effortless to work with.  All the while, it’s super wash quality makes it incredibly soft – so it’ll feel soft and smooth right next to the skin of its wearer (whether that be some kick-ass teacher or the cutest little baby). 


Simply Irresistible is knit up on a US9 needle, not only meaning that it knits up fast, but the fabric has a relaxed drape that lends an easy-going vibe.  Since I can never help myself around all of these beautiful fibers, I obviously played with this while I was at work yesterday.  Alex and Patty jokingly asked me how I felt wearing it, to which I replied “I feel fabulous.”  And it was the truth.  When you knit up this gorgeous yarn so effortlessly in a piece like this, you can’t help but feel fabulous – throughout the knitting and the wearing!  That’s exactly how I want those knit-worthy people in my life to feel if they’re wearing something I made them, so this one is a no-brainer. 

Pick up 4 skeins of Madeline Tosh Vintage to make this wrap.  If you buy it online, we’ll include the pattern your purchase!

1 thought on “Another Great Gift”

  1. I am making this as a gift and I’m having so much fun! Although I can’t promise decent results if I tried to knit it in my sleep. 😉


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