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Coming Clean…

I have an admission and I’ve decided to share it with you all.  It involves some questionable behavior I’ve engaged in over the past year – in the privacy of my own home – but still.  I was told the kids do it and some parents even approve.  So I’m going to come clean and go public with this new thing.  I don’t care what people think!  I also think if you give it a try, you might like it, too.

I wear socks with my Birkenstocks.

Olson Twins

In the past two weeks I’ve seen some pop culture affirmations of this trend that make me think that it’s okay for me to go out into the real world with my socks and Birks!  This look has been floating around and is generally embraced by stylishly minimalist folks and some hipsters.  The Olsen twins know how to expertly pull this off and are probably responsible for broader social acceptance.  However, it was the new Rick Owens collaboration with Birkenstocks that encouraged me to come forward with my secret indulgence.  It’s difficult to describe Owens’ aesthetic, but it’s a little over the top in its understatement.  This new campaign strongly suggests luxurious athleisure, combining slightly exaggerated shapes with neutral tones.  And then there are all of the socks and Birkenstocks with look so comfortable and actually quite cool.

The reason I’m describing all of this to you is because it makes me 150% more enthusiastic about knitting some socks to go with my Birkenstocks.   (I have 3 pair, and I just bought 3 more because I don’t understand restraint).  I’m totally imagining wearing my socks and birks with skinny jeans, trim trousers, leggings and maybe even a long slinky skirt.  I feel like, with the most amount of sock I’m going to show with my Birkenstocks, I can have a little fun with my socks – like knitting up some self-patterning socks using OnLine, Ambiente or Cascade’s Heritage Prints.  A pair of speckled socks (using Baah’s La Jolla in Les is More, for example!) would also be a fun compliment to a pair of Birkenstock clogs or some of the black Arizonas.

Whether you’ve been enjoying your socks+Birkenstocks for years or are finally coming out, enjoy this trend and your ability to show of your beautiful hand-knit socks to the world.  Embrace an edgy fashion move and more than anything, let your feet feel great while you do it.

Ready for some ideas for some sock patterns?

I love these Scalloped Rib Socks written for Baah’s La Jolla!

These “Persuasive Socks” are written for a sport-weight yarn and would be perfect for HiKoo’s Sueno!

I love these 2 Color Socks by Joji Locatelli!  Try making these in La Jolla or another great solid like Cobasi!


A great way to take advantage of those self patterning sock yarns like Heritage Prints or Ambiente is to pick a basic sock pattern like the Vanilla Socks (Toe-Up Version) and let the amazing yarn (like Ambiente, La Jolla or Heritage Prints) do all the yard work for you!



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