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What Can I Make with… Cozette

I was doubly motivated to write this week’s blog.  First of all, I just completed Swan’s Twist using Cozette.  I think you probably see my pattern: I work with a yarn for a sweater and I start to wax poetic about the yarns subtle or not so subtle qualities.  Second, one of my Tuesday knitters (the amazing Jessy, who is immensely gracious, sweet and stylish) asked for me to help her find a cardigan pattern using this yarn!  

I’ll be honest and admit that I thought of Jessy (and some of our other knitters) when we were introduced to this yarn.  She has a wool sensitivity and needs an alternative fiber for sweater projects.  This fingering weight yarn is easy to handle, sumptuously soft and wool free.  When we went to visit Jesse (different Jesse!) at Knit One Crochet Too in April, I fell in love with her Swan’s Twist sample.  For some reason, I had a vision of making it in Cozette.  Luckily Patty thought it was a good idea too, so I knit up a sample for the shop and it’s finally complete!

The Wool & Grace version of Swan’s Twist, knit up in Cozette


Now that I’ve had a good long time to ruminate on the wonders of this yarn, I want to know what else I can knit up in it!

Jessy (my Tuesday knitter) specifically asked for an open cardigan with a little interest that one could throw on over anything, so I’m going to start with a few options in this category. 

Savoy by Pam Allen

Savoy is an open cardigan by Pam Allen.  It has a little textural detail along the front lapels and on the back, which are worked as a combination of knits and purls.  It’s bottom-up drop shoulder construction.  It’s short length is critical for a petite gal like Jessy, but know that you can modify it to make it longer!  We love this length because it looks great over a summer dress or sleeveless blouse.  It’ll take off that A/C chill without overwhelming you.  I particularly like that this piece is worked at a gauge of 21 stitches/4” – a fingering weight is worked on a US7 needle.  This will keep the fabric open with a bit of drape, and make it an ideal summery layer.

honeyflower cardi
The Honeyflower Cardi by Hannah Fettig

The Honeyflower Cardi by Hannah Fettig is a lovely, ladylike cropped card.  It has a very subtle texture to it that I think will show beautiful with a solid yarn like Cozette.  It’s another simple layer that would highlight Cozette’s qualities beautifully.

Gionnate Beate
Giornate Beate by Valentina Cosciani

One more beautiful sweater worth mentioning is Giornate Beate by Valentina Cosciani.  I perked up at this one as the designer was just introduced to us by one of our lovely yarn reps.  This is another simple, open cardigan but it has a hint of lace for a little interest and technique!

If you’re in the market for an open, lightweight cardigan – please reach out!  I have a longer list I’m handing over to Jessy and I’d be happy to share it with anyone else!

When I was doing research for this blog, I could have easily written a post entitled “Patterns by Joji Locatelli that would be perfect for Cozette.”  She has a plethora of beautiful patterns written for fingering weight yarns, and we know her patterns are beautifully designed and written.  I wanted to particular mention two, but there are oodles of Joji patterns that would be a lovely choice for Cozette!

Cathedral Wrap
Cathedral Wrap by Joji Locatelli

Cathedral Wrap is a relatively new pattern, and is a rectangular wrap with a hint of lace at either end.  It absolutely recalls the aesthetic of cathedrals, with its strong lines and dramatic length.  Cozette has beautiful stitch definition and this project and yarn would be a beautiful combination.

Girl from the Grocery Store
The Girl from the Grocery Store

The Girl from the Grocery Store is another Joji Locatelli shawl.  This piece is worked in two colors, with lots of garter and stripes of wavy, thin lace.  I love how the solid colors of Joji’s sample show the stitch definition of the lace, which is why I thought Cozette would be such a great choice for this project.  I’m not the only one with this project on the mind.  Our very on Carrie is ready to cast on – but she picked two new colors of Tosh Merino Light that just arrived!

Cullum by Isabell Kraemer

Isabell Kraemer’s Cullum is another beautiful choice for Cozette!  It’s straightforward tee with a hint of lace.  I love projects like these: lots of boring stockinette and a little bit of technique to keep me interested.  Cullum would work beautifully as a warm weather tee or layered over a blouse as Fall rolls around!

I decided to reach out to Jesse Mozlan, the owner of Knit One Crochet Too.  A big reason why we were all so taken with Cozette is that she was wearing her Magnolia sweater knit in Cozette when we met her.  Cozette is an unconventional choice for that project, but it worked beautifully.  Using a fingering weight yarn at that gauge (20 stitches/4”) makes for a light fabric.  I wanted to see what other project she thought would be a good fit for Cozette.  Here’s what she suggested:

Processed with VSCO with m3 preset
Tegna by Caitlin Hunter

Tegna by Caitlin Hunter

I mentioned this project in a previous blog (Summer Lace) and I’m pretty sure that I agreed with Jesse that Cozette would be an awesome choice for that project. 

beeswax shawl
Beeswax Shawl by Amy Van De Laar

Beeswax Shawl by Amy Van De Laar

Amy Van De Laar has designed several projects incorporating a striking hexagonal shape into the stitch pattern.  The Beeswax Shawl is a perfect way to put Cozette to work!

Wool & Honey
Wool & Honey by Andrea Mowry

Wool & Honey by Andrea Mowry

This new pattern by Mowry calls for Loft (yum) but make yours cotton and silk and honey to make a great sweater that can be worn any season of the year!  

Sous Sous Sweater
Sous Sous Sweater by Norah Gaughan

Sous Sous Sweater by Norah Gaughan

Sous Sous is persistently popular pattern and an awesome layering piece.  While it calls for a DK-weight yarn, we know that Cozette has a lot of play in terms of gauge.  Knitting up this sweater using Cozette is going to give you all the stitch definition but with drape and lightness.



Boxy and All the Love, both by Joji Locatelli

I think Cozette feels good when you have a lot of it wrapped around you, and its lightness and drapes complements these roomy silhouettes.  You feel surrounded with softness without feeling like it’s taking you over.  Boxy is written for a fingering weight yarn (remember there’s also Boxy Worsted) and will make a super soft sweater that will be a better version of your favorite boxy tee.  All the love is very similar, but with a bit of sweet lace detail here and there!  

I love Jesse’s added recommendations!  I also hope you learn to love Cozette as much as I do!

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