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Thank You Public Knitters

We received some great photographs from our knitters out there, knitting in public for the world to see.  As promised, we’ve picked a winner who will receive a special little gift from Wool & Grace, but I feel like it’s important to point out that everyone who shared a photo brought us something amazing and really special.


We have our knitters took their projects on the road.  Technically Rhona and Patty are not entered in the contest as they are on Team Wool & Grace, but Patty showed us what it’s like to knit in Italy (on the beach no less) while Rhona took her knitting on the train, no doubt making tons of friends along the way.  Meanwhile, Mary really took her knitting on the road.  She did a bike trip through Pennsylvania and pulled out her knitting at pit stops.  Impressive, Mary.  Just plain impressive.

WWKIP Belmira.jpg

Knitting is all about good vibes, and I love the knitters who combined their knitting with other feel good activities.  Belmira took her knitting camping with her, combining an appreciation of nature with this slow and calming craft.  The good stuff about knitting and yoga go hand in hand, and Jenny showed us how it’s done, working her Knitting Tree Pose in multiple spots on Saturday.  Yoga and knitting are mindful activities, and they remind us to be in the moment, be present, and that it’s about the journey more than the destination.  I couldn’t think of anything more fun than combining these two practices. 

WWKIP Abbie.jpg

Abbie knit while working on her backhoe.  I’m not sure how she did this safely, making it all the more impressive. Abbie has always been impressively productive, and her knitting in pubic was no exception.  I can’t wait to see what she’s knitting AND what she’s working on with that backhoe.


Chris took her knitting to the Brooklyn Pride Parade, and I welled with pride at seeing her picture.  Knitting and supporting our LGBTQ community is all about spreading love and good vibes, and Chris brought it out doubly so this past weekend.    


Despite all these impressive shares, Carol is our winner.  I know I said creativity and exoticism counts in last week’s blog, but Carol’s photo was outstanding for its guts and honesty.  Her photo basically tells us “This is what I do to be fabulous, and I knit while I do it.”  We can’t be our best selves without a team of people helping us, whether it’s our friends, our family, our hairdressers, our therapists, and for some of us, our knitting!  I loved that Carol showed us part of her team, and I hope she knows that we are on it too!

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