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All the Places You Can Knit

Worldwide Knit in Public Day is this Saturday, June 9 and it happens to be a day I love.  Like always, we’ll be hosting knitters outside Wool & Grace for some public, sidewalk knitting.  We hope as many of you will join as possible!  Bring chairs, because while we’ll have some, it’s safest to bring your own!

Honestly, every day is “knit in public” day for me.  I like to take my crafty pastime on the go all the time.  It’s the perfect interlude in the midst of a busy day.  It’s also so much more engaging than staring at my phone.  Plus, when I’m knitting the likelihood of a stranger talking to me is so much more than if I have my nose in a book or my phone.  

I love talking to strangers.  A friend of mine recently pointed out to me that I “meaningfully engage with strangers” and that this was a good thing because apparently it reduces my Alzheimers risk.  I think it’s awesome because when I do, I’ve made a fast friend (maybe the friendship only lasts 5 minutes!) or I’ve broadened my circle a bit.  More than anything, I take so much comfort in finding common ground in unexpected people.  It’s nice to know that, as humans, we really are more alike than we are different.  

Knitting in public is my lure: people feel welcome to start a conversation with me when I’m knitting out and about.  So often the ensuing conversation really isn’t about knitting, but rather the importance of pastimes, relationships with grandmothers, or a treasured something that happens to be handmade.  And my day is always better when I’ve taken the time to listen to the little story that some stranger has trusted me with.  It feels like I received a little gift, one that I will treasure.

Alex & Abbie
Abbie & Alex, knitting vineyard style


This year, for WWKIP Day, we at Wool & Grace are asking you for something a little different.  While we’d love for you to join us on June 9th, we’d really love for you to send us pics of you knitting in public.  Take your knitting on the go and somewhere unexpected.  Leave yourself open to a brief exchange with a stranger.  Maybe you can proselytize knitting a bit (that would be ideal, please send that stranger to Wool & Grace)!  Knit anywhere and everywhere, with friends or all alone! Take pics of you with old friends or new friends or some stranger who stops and talks to you.  Listen to someone’s stories or memories.  Don’t wait until Saturday.  Start now!  Then share them with us.  Tag us @woolandgrace on Instagram or Facebook, or send us your pics (and maybe a little story) via email to – We’re going to collect your photos and post them for the next week.  And then we’ll choose one to win a little Wool & Grace prize (creativity and exoticism count)!  

It will be so fun to see where we all go with our knitting.  It’ll also be lovely to spend the week (and hopefully much longer) reminding ourselves that knitting isn’t all about making something, but that it’s very much about building onto the community around you.  

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