Happy Mother’s Day from Wool & Grace!

An annual question around my house is “What would you like to do for your birthday/Mother’s Day?”  Being eternally busy and a bit exhausted, I usually ask for a day of uninterrupted knitting or needlepoint.  Really truly, I can imagine nothing more relaxing than a day of my favorite mindful, meditative activity.  I feel centered and a little selfish (in a good way) when I knit.  Whether I’m alone or with friends, it feels like an indulgence.  So when you think about Mother’s Day and doing something for the one or all of the amazing mothers in your life, the gift of knitting and needlepoint is a wonderful token of your appreciation.

Of course, we always have ideas about great ways to treat yourself or the special moms around you (so you can facilitate some of those days of uninterrupted knitting).  Here’s a simple and straightforward list.

Yarn Bowls:

Pawley Studios Yarn Bowl ($52), pictured with two skeins of Brooklyn Tweed Shelter, Laine Magazine and Aalta Wool Basket

For a long time, chasing my yarn as it rolled under my couch made me feel like Sisyphus pushing that rock up a hill day after day.  Then I got a yarn bowl.  (The only annoying thing about knitting was gone!)  We have lots of beautiful, handmade ceramic yarn bowls from the likes of Creative with Clay and Pawley Studios. I love how these pieces make a place in your home and complement your little safe knitting space.  We also have great accessories for knitting on the go, particular the yarn caddies from Walker Bags or the Natural Mesh Bags from CocoKnits.

Loopy Mango DIY Dog Leashes: 

dog leash kit
Loopy Mango DIY Dog Leash Kits, in two sizes for small and big dogs!

Second to uninterrupted knitting, a nice walk with the dog is heaven.  What’s better than being in the company of a relatively silent and adoring companion, enjoying the beautiful outdoors?  The Loopy Mango DIY Dog Leashes are a super fun project for the dog-loving mommas.  Made of the incredibly durable Big Loop Yarn from Loopy Mango, you can quickly crochet these adorable leashes.  They’re soft on your hands but super strong (strong enough for my excitable German Shepherd!).  They’re also so easy that anyone (even those that don’t crochet) can whip it up in about an hour.  Plus, it’s super fun to add a big DIY Loopy Mango Pompom on it!

Knitting Kits:

Medano Beach
Medano Beach knitting kits, made with Blue Sky Fibers Skinny Cotton

Get one of those moms a knitting project that is meant to be only for her.  We love the Medano Beach Bag kits, which include a free pattern by Heidi Kirrmaier and 4 skeins of Blue Sky Fibers Skinny Cotton.  These knit into a cute and versatile bag perfect for schlepping your stuff throughout the summer. 

Cuppa Tea Cowl Kits, made with Debbie Bliss Aymara (super soft alpaca!)

The Cuppa Tea Cowl is another beautiful kit.  Knit up in 4 colors of Debbie Bliss Aymara, an incredibly soft alpaca yarn in jewel tones.  This beautiful cabled cowl is something you can throw on to stay warm and leave on all day. Meanwhile, the Donegal Cowl is a simple kit combining two of our favorite yarns: Debbie Bliss Fine Donegal and Shibui Silk Cloud.  Worked up on a US11 needle, this quick knit is cozy and chic.  Plus its fun to knit and wear.  

Lykke Umber Interchangeable Needle Set ($125), pictured with Della Q project bag and 2 skeins Baah La Jolla (the perfect amount for a big summery shawl!)

If you really want indulge for Mother’s Day, think about treating your knitters to a Stella Lamp, a Llamamama tote from Atenti or a set of interchangeable knitting needles.  Stella Lamps are incredible: with three colors of light, a full range of dimness settings and a flexible neck that lets you position it in any direction, it seems to grant magical sight to even those with struggling eyes.  The Llamamama totes feature an adorable limited edition print and come in sizes generous enough for your biggest knitting projects.  And for the most enthusiastic knitters, a set of interchangeable needles is the ultimate gift.  While Addis are my personal favorite, the Lykke sets offer a huge range of needle sizes, and we also have short tips with a 16” cord great for enthusiastic hat knitters!

Atenti Llamamama Tote ($168) pictured with the always handy Walker bag and some Scojo readers

Remember to think of all of the important moms out there this mothers day – especially if you are one fo them! Happy Mothers Day from Wool & Grace!

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