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Top 5 Reasons We Love the NJ Wool Walk

When I was in college, a top 5 list was my primary metric for prioritizing my life and staying on task.  With one of my best friends, I was constantly compiling top 5 lists like “top 5 songs I’m going to dance to tonight” or “top 5 things I need to get done by noon” (these are some of the less ridiculous lists we put together).  In part because I miss Leila so much, and also because it’s just plain fun, I’m going to resurrect my top 5 lists regularly on the Wool & Grace blog.  The first will be in honor of the 2018 NJ Wool Walk, which is so much fun I almost can’t stand it. There’s so many reason to love the Wool Walk, but I’m going to try to contain myself.  So without further ado…

Top 5 Reasons We Love the NJ Wool Walk

  1. The Kits
    We put together a TON of kits at Wool & Grace.  It’s our thing.  It’s also a totally collaborative process, in which everyone who works at Wool & Grace brings something to the table.  Whether someone comes up with something on their own (Alex and Kathryn put together patterns and kits that lets us see yarns in a new context!) or we finally get to touch and feel something totally adorable or chic (like the Friendly Fair Isle hat or Medano Beach Bag).  Here is a selection of our kits that are always so popular!

    Alex’s Donegal Cowl is knit up using 1 skein each of Debbie Bliss Fine Donegal and Shibui’s Silk Cloud. Knit on a US11 needle, it’s quick, easy and luscious knit.


    Our Friendly Fair Isle hat kit is made up of 2 colors of Odin. It’s a perfect first-fair isle project and you’ll have enough yarn to make an adult and kid sized hat!


    The Medano Beach bag kit is made up of two colors of Blue Sky Skinny cotton (2 skeins of each) and it’s the bag you’re going to want to carry to the market, beach and pool all summer long!


    Jarred is knit up with 4 colors of Iris from Pure Bliss. This yarn is addictively soft, and it’s stitch pattern looks complicated but is actually really easy! A great project for new knitters!

    Also, this year we received some special kits from Anzula in honor of LYS Day!  The Mirtillo shawl includes 5 mini skeins of Anzula along with the printed pattern, a cool shawl pin from Lickin’ Flames and a set of stitch markers.  Meanwhile, the Lothmore Cowl (design by Corrina Ferguson) uses one skein of Anzula Cricket to make a simple lace pattern – it also comes with Brittany needles and the printed pattern.  The Mirtillo kit is $68 and the Lothmore Kit is $51.


    The Mirtillo Shawl Kit from Anzula is at Wool & Grace in honor of LYS store day!


    The Lothmore Cowl is knit with 1 skein of Anzula’s Cricket, a delightful yarn that will spring off your needles!
  2. Tons of New Merchandise
    We try to make sure we are fully stocked with everything our yarn lovers could possibly want (to help support their yarn addiction, of course) and so we received an influx of merchandise in anticipation of the busy weekend.  A huge shipment of Walker bags (made in the USA, incredibly durable and always chic) is here for you to be your perfect notions bag or project bag.

    Walker Zip Totes, durable and they last FOREVER


    Little Zip Bags from Walker, come in all sorts of sizes, and good for your notions and everything else you want to organize.

     Another huge shipment of yarn bowls arrived from the likes of Pawley Studios and Creative with Clay, to help you keep all that new yarn in check as you knit furiously with it.

    Pawley Yarn Bowl


    Gorgeous yarn bowls from Creative with Clay

  3. Loopy Mango
    Technically, this is not a Wool Walk specific quality, but our big shipment of Loopy Mango’s Big Cotton arrived just in time for the NJ Wool Walk.  AND I AM OBSESSED WITH IT.  Big Cotton brings us the same softness and quick-to-knit quality as Merino No. 5.  As a cotton, it’s perfect for warm weather knitting or for anyone sensitive to wool.  As usual, Loopy Mango brings us tons of patterns to support this yarn, including adorable bags (cotton is ideal for bag projects) like the Mini Market Bag (with fringe or without), a number of sweater projects and the Long Vest (sample in store) which is totally irresistible.  When our shipment arrived, we sold several kits for this straight out of the box… that is how wonderful it is.

    The Mini Market Bag from Loopy Mango, made with 2 balls of Big Cotton. Easy, fast and so fun!



  4. The Shibui Trunk Show
    There’s nothing better than having a closet full of new clothes to choose from.  That’s what it’s like when we get trunk shows: magically new samples of beautiful and engaging knitting projects are there for inspiration and to be put on our queues.  When it’s a Shibui trunk show, it’s like you just went shopping at Bergdorf Goodman.  These chic, sophisticated and timeless pieces are the ones we all want to wear, and that’s why our Shibui trunk shows are always so popular.  Getty, Milan, Aalto and Siena are a few examples of pieces that are making us all swoon.  I urge you to get the full experience and see these for yourself.  You’ll be hard pressed to leave the shop without adding one for these to your shopping bag.

    Aalto from Shibui… gorgeous, simple to knit, easy to wear


    Athens, a super light layer and totally beautiful


    Getty – I wish I was wearing this one today
  5. Old Faces, New Faces
    There are certain faces we always look forward to seeing during the NJ Wool Walk.  We love seeing the familiar faces from other yarn shops, hearing what they’ve been up to and things that have been making them excited about the yarn world.  I love the range of perspective we get from all of the knitters and crocheters who happen through the doors over the weekend.  They always come in wearing beautiful sweaters, shawls or scarves.  We get everything from the most experienced knitters to those who are just beginning to learn.  They always have tips about yarns to keep our eyes peeled for, designers to look into.  This opportunity to see people beyond our core clientele who broaden our view of our LYS world.  Plus, we have a number of new faces at Wool & Grace; employees who are bringing their unique perspective and tastes to complement our already-awesome team.  Ultimately, we are all made better when our community broadens and our circle of friends grows.  The NJ Wool Walk does just that for the New Jersey knitting community.  Every year it is a delight and a gift to all of us at Wool & Grace!

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