Last Minute Super Bulky Projects for 2017

Last Minute Super Bulky Projects for 2017

If you’re sick of big, thick yarns, I apologize. We’re in the home stretch on gift knitting, and our knitters can’t get enough of them. As much as I love the Vermonter, I’m getting a little sick of telling people to make another one, so I want to give you all a few new options of projects to knit up in your super bulky yarn. At the end of all of this, I’m going to recap our favorite super bulky patterns for you, just so you don’t forget about the oldies/goodies!

Rasta Fasta Cowl


Rasta Fasta Hat

First of all, we’re having a hard time keeping Malabrigo’s Rasta in stock. This hand-dyed super bulky yarn is one of those beauties where the yarn can and usually does all the work for us. For super-fast projects (great last minute gifts) check out the Rasta Fasta Hat and the Rasta Fasta Cowl, two new (and free patterns) by Monika Allen. Both of these are single-skein projects, with a little texture to add a bit of interest to these projects. If you like these projects, act fast and download them now. They’re only free until January 1, 2018!


Another new hat project is Loey by Alexandra Alfonso. I’m loving this one because it uses a herringbone stitch pattern. This will give the hat a little more structure, making it a bit elfin – which I think is totally delightful. Who doesn’t feel a little like an elf at this time of year, anyway? Loey is another single skein project that calls for Malabrigo’s Rasta. With Loey and the two projects listed above, I’m a big advocate of changing up yarns, as well. We all love Rasta’s painterly palette, but sometimes the soft heathers of Mirasol’s Ushya or the saturated hues of Loopy Mango’s Merino No. 5 seem more fitting. Don’t be afraid to sub yarns for these fun and different projects!


Alfonso has another fabulous, single skein hat project called Nour. I love this simple beanie, which is just a broken rib pattern, and I particularly like it for the boys. Remember all the things I said about yarn substitutions in the previous paragraph? Same goes for this one!

Fast Track © Espace Tricot

Check out Fast Track for a cool, super bulky scarf project. This brand new pattern from Space Tricot (love them!) uses a simple trim in a pop of color to add interest to an otherwise basic, garter stitch scarf. Knit up this one in anything like Rasta, Merino No. 5, and Ushya. Also consider making this one up in a “lighter” super bulky yarn like Debbie Bliss’s Roma Weave or Odin from Conway + Bliss.

Pop Queen

Pop Queen (another brand new pattern) no doubt caught my attention because it’s shown in a bright pink (and that is clearly the color of my soul), but really truly, what’s not to love about a super bulky scarf with a big thick cable running down the length of it? Made with under 300 yards of super bulky yarn, this is another quick project. Guess what? It’s also free!

Fisherman’s Rib Muffler © Churchmouse Tea & Yarns

When it comes to a super bulky scarf, I want to knit up a big thick, Fisherman Rib scarf. This has been on my mind since one of your knitters came in with one of her own in BLACK. The go-to pattern is clearly the Churchmouse Fisherman’s Rib Muffler in Three Gauges, because their pattern production is spot-on and it’s free. I love this stitch, a smooshy, three-dimensional rib that captures warm air and insulates efficiently. Plus, the look is all the rage right now. I want to make mine in a BRIGHT shade of Odin, but pick any yarn ranging from a super bulky to a worsted weight, because Churchmouse is kind enough to write the pattern for three different weights of yarn.

Holiday Headband from Loopy Mango


Very Warm Headband © Churchmouse Tea & Yarns

If you want a REALLY fast project, consider knitting up a headband in a super bulky yarn! Loopy Mango just released a new, free pattern for a simple ribbed headband with a twist in the front. One can bang out not one but TWO headbands with a skein of Merino No. 5 (stop by Wool & Grace for this free pattern). Another fabulously warm headband is the Very Warm Headband from Churchmouse. As they often do, they wrote this pattern for multiple weights of yarn. I can’t imagine why you’d make it in anything other than a super bulky yarn, but it’s a simple but chic (and slightly less dramatic) headband than the Loopy Mango option I just gave you.

Designers are banging out fabulous (and free) patterns in time for last minute holiday knitting. I highly encourage you to check out Ravelry and use their handy filters to find something super fast and satisfying that suits you perfectly. In the meantime, don’t forget our other super bulky favorites:

The Vermonter
Red Rasta Cowl
Her Beanie (and all the beanies from Loopy Mango)
Mega Rib Hat
Fisherman’s Rib Cowl
Lightning Fast Mittens
Alex’s Seed Stitch Cowl (stop by the shop for this pattern!)

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