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Trunk Shows Galore at Wool & Grace

Trunk Shows Galore at Wool & Grace!

We have a double whammy of trunk shows happening at Wool & Grace for the next couple weeks! Not only do we have a Brooklyn Tweed Arbor Trunk Show accompanying our Brooklyn Tweed Pop-Up Shop, but we have a Blue Sky Fibers Trunk Show featuring some adorable and easy accessories.

Our BT Arbor Trunk Show is going to feature some awesome accessories that will be great for men and women. One of my favorite pieces in this trunk show is Junction, a straightforward scarf with strong, modern, diagonal lines. The catch? This piece incorporates fluffy and warm brioche stitch, making for a lofty and warm scarf.

Junction ©Jared Flood/Brooklyn Tweed

The Burnaby Hat and Shawl incorporate simple cables, and Arbor’s high twist lets these qualities shine with it’s awesome stitch definition. While the shawl has a more feminine feel, the hat is a great gift for a man or woman.

Burnaby Hat ©Jared Flood/Brooklyn Tweed
Burnaby Shawl ©Jared Flood/Brooklyn Tweed

The High Pines Cowl is a very popular, textured cowl that uses 3 skeins of Arbor. This is the perfect project for someone who wants to dip their toes in with this lovely yarn. After working these rhythmic cables with this lovely yarn, you’ll be addicted like me.

High Pines ©Jared Flood/Brooklyn Tweed

Foundry is a luscious stole with strong, crisp cables. Buttons and button-holes allow you to wear it as a cowl or a shawl, making this piece even more versatile.

Foundry ©Jared Flood/Brooklyn Tweed

From Blue Sky includes some adorable samples for children. A favorite is the Frosting Fringe Scarf. It’s the kid-size version of the St. Cloud Scarf and uses Spud & Chloe’s Outer along with a fingering weight, variegated yarn for a subtle pop of color. This one is so easy and adorable that I want to maximize the kid size version for an adult.

Frosting Fringe Scarf

The Lucky Loop Vest is the type of adorable that makes me want to start squeaking. This funky layering piece is also knit up in Spud & Chloe Outer, which makes it a quick project that is easy to care for.


Lucky Loop Vest

The Sunday Morning Slippers are another simple project. These quick-to-knit booties are knit up in garter stitch, and the best part of this little project is that they come in sizes for the entire family. Can you imagine anything cuter than having a pair for everyone in the house, to enjoy while you eat your waffles and drink your coffee?

Sunday Morning Slippers

The Waldorf Wrap is a simple wrap, made up of knits and a few purls, adding a bit of texture and interest to an otherwise simple knit. This is perfect TV knitting, and the size of this piece makes it an ideal gift-knitting piece. Our sample showed up using the Blue Sky Worsted Hand Dyes (which we don’t carry), but Blue Sky’s Extra would be a perfect sub. I’m a little obsessed with Iris from Pure Bliss, and this yarn would also be a perfect yarn for this simple project.

Waldorf Wrap

Don’t forget that we have samples for the Weldon Wrap and the Windom Silk Wrap, which are also Blue Sky Fibers. These pieces are incredibly easy knits and simple to throw on. I have to admit, that the Weldon Wrap is the first thing I throw on in the shop when I’m feeling a chill, and I think it’s the perfect gift that anyone would enjoy!

Weldon Wrap


Windom Silk Wrap

We’ve just give you a taste of what’s coming from Brooklyn Tweed, so be sure to stop by after Friday to see these gorgeous, textured pieces for yourself. The Blue Sky Trunk Show has been outlined thoroughly in this post, but be sure to stop by and see them for yourself. These pieces are enticing in that they are effortless to knit and wear – they are knitting no-brainers!


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