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Thank You, Churchmouse!

Thank you, Churchmouse!

There are a few companies that have elevated the knitting community in a big way, at least from my perspective. Churchmouse Yarns and Teas is one of these, in a large part because they make easy and chic patterns accessible to all knitters. The Easy Folded Poncho is very often the “next project” for our beginner knitters, and I’m tickled when I see them walking around town in their own, hand knit piece, that they made in a matter of months of beginning knitting. I find that incredible!

Churchmouse just released a new set of patterns and as I read through the email and perused the new patterns, I whispered under my breath “Thank you, Churchmouse.” They’ve done it once again, bringing us patterns that are ingenious in their simplicity. Several of these have been written for multiple weights of yarn, giving all of us even more yarn choices and opportunities for creativity. A few patterns are equally appropriate for men and women. Selfishly, I’m tickled that they have two new patterns featuring Rowan’s Brushed Fleece, a new arrival to Wool & Grace that I’m totally obsessed with. It’s so soft, fleecy and light. I have to try hard to not just cuddle with individual skeins when I’m at the shop.

Slouchy Pullover © Churchmouse Yarns & Tea

You see, I’ve been laboring over what sample to knit with this yarn. I previously mentioned Margeau Soboti’s Boyfriend Sweater, and it’s a perfectly appropriate choice. But I kind of imagined something with a drop shoulder, even more roomy with a lower neckline. Apparently Churchmouse was feeling my vibe, because they released a pattern called Slouchy Pullover that is exactly that! I love this thing. They describe it as giving off a funky sweatshirt vibe, and they’re right about that. Also, using 4-5 skeins of Brushed Fleece (that’s under 600 yards) and size US 15 needles, it’s a quick knit. Thank you, Churchmouse! Thank you very much!

FYI, the Slouchy Pullover is also written up for using Rowan’s Kidsilk Haze held double, for a super fuzzy and diaphanous version! Awesome!

Half & Half Cowl © Churchmouse Yarns & Tea

The other pattern featuring Rowan’s Brushed Fleece is their Half & Half Cowl. Considering I’d prefer to eat my cereal with half & half, the name alone appeals to me. But this is a big ribbed cowl. Sounds great, right? There’s a big slit halfway down the length of the cowl, giving a modern line to this otherwise simple shape. This big, fluffy, light, warm and soft piece can be worn any number of ways, all of which are modern and chic.

Oh, and they’ve also written this patten for a worsted weight yarn. Try this in Pure Bliss Lhasa (cashmere and yak, mmmm…..) for the ultimate in softness, or any other of your favorite worsted!

Tapered Cowl © Churchmouse Yarns & Tea

The Tapered Cowl is another simple and effortless piece. Simple shaping makes it so this piece can be worn elegantly as a cowl or a capelet. Written for a sport-weight yarn, this will be sleek and chic! The Tapered Cowl was written for Blue Sky Fibers’ Baby Alpaca. It would also be lovely in Juniper Moon’s Stargazer or Findley DK!

Striped Linen Stitch Scarf & Wrap © Churchmouse Yarns & Tea

Another wonderful piece is the Striped Linen Stitch Scarf or Wrap. The stripes on this piece are worked horizontally, and the piece can be worked in sport-weight or worsted-weight yarns. They’ve provided some sophisticated color combinations that play on neutrals or tonal combinations with gorgeous results.

This entire collection of patterns is incredible, so I’m going to include pictures of the others. I feel like I’d be depriving you if I didn’t! I’ll keep it simple with a comment or two.

Windy City Cap © Churchmouse Yarns & Tea

The Windy City Cap is a nice, textured and tight beanie perfect for a man or a woman. Any fabulous worsted weight yarn will do for this versatile cap.

Ribbed Lace Scarf © Churchmouse Yarns & Tea

The Ribbed Lace Scarf is generous in scale, with a modern lace motif that keeps it fresh. It’s also knit up in multiple gauges, so feel free to be creative with your yarn choices (they suggest Shibui’s Silk Cloud held double or Rowan’s Cocoon – which is on sale at W&G!!!).


Flat Rib Popover © Churchmouse Yarns & Tea

The Flat Rib Popover is a silhouette that we’re seeing more and more of. At TNNA we loved seeing this silhouette worn over slip dresses, any shape of trouser, and all sorts of tops. It’s a versatile piece that deserves a good look. Knit up this baby in a worsted weight yarn like Juniper Moon’s Herriot or HiKoo’s Sueno Worsted!

These are all versatile, wearable, and good looking patterns. Anyone could knit at least one of these patterns and wear their finished piece feeling sophisticated and modern. Plus, there’s nothing tricky about these pieces. These patterns are easy and accessible on so many levels. There’s so much food for thought here! Thank you, Churchmouse!!!

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