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Holiday Needlepoint PSA

Holiday Needlepoint PSA

Needlepoint activity always picks up at the shop during the summer – and there’s a reason for this!   We have some downtime and a needle and a canvas are easy to pick up and work on here and there!  As the last days of summer are upon us (yes, it’s August people!) I’m here to encourage you to keep going, and enjoy that needlepoint on the porch, at the beach and even after the summer ends.  Just remember, if you have projects that you want to have finished (by our finishers, that is) before the winter holidays, we need to have those projects by September 30.  Our finishers usually have a 4-6 week turnaround, but with the influx of work at the holidays, it’s more like an 8-week turnaround.  Plan accordingly (and get to work)!

Thinking ahead has me thinking about all of the beautiful holiday needlepoint canvases we have at Wool & Grace.  I especially love the Christmas stockings – which are heirlooms that last a lifetime.  Whether you have a new child or grandchild in need of a stocking this year, or you are just ready to make these pieces for a special person, we have plenty that are beautiful and timeless.  Here’s a taste of some of our favorite stockings.

Happy Santa Stocking


Santa with Dove


Lee’s Up on the Roof


Santa on the House Top


And here are some great ornaments!

Patriotic Santa


Florentine Bauble


Gold Fair Isle Star


“Woof” Mini Stocking Ornament


See something you like?  Click on the captions to order any of these online!

Don’t delay!  Either pick up or Holiday projects or finish them up – and we’ll see you before September 30th!


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