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Vacation Needlepoint Projects for the Summer

Vacation Needlepoint for the Summer of 2017

If you read my blog about vacation knitting, I hope a few themes resonated: whatever you do on vacation is supposed to be relaxing.  Pick projects that allow you to carry on a conversation, or allow your mind to wander.  Certainly don’t pick any projects that are overly complicated. These points are all true about needlepoint projects.  Here are a few needlepoint specific tips:

  1. Pick bright and light colors
    Even the simplest needlepoint canvases  are made more challenging by working in a dark color palette.  Imagine that you’ll be stitching in low light (if you’re lucky on porch overlooking the ocean in the early morning or at dusk!) while talking with loved ones.  Don’t complicate matters by working in lots of dark colors.  And I’m not saying that you shouldn’t have any black or navy in your project, but choose those colors in limited amounts, and where their use is a high contrast to the bordering colors.Here are some great canvases in colors that will be easy to see and work on any time of day!

    Light house


    Coastal Starfish


  2. Choose a canvas without shading between colors.
    Or another way of describing this that the shift in colors on the canvas should be delineated by clear lines.  Shading often requires us to be more discerning about using two colors that are very close together.  This creates beautiful effects that give your needlepoint beautiful dimension and texture – but it also requires good light and a focused eye.  Give yourself a break from all of that and just enjoy the meditative and relaxing act of stitching.  You’re on vacation.Here are some more canvases where the changes in color are clear and easy to see!

    Kate Dickerson Kilim Motif, 8″X16″ on 13mm canvas, $232


    Sweet Dreams Darling


    Double Lucky
  3. Go Small
    As a big believer in “go big or go home” my definition of “small” is relative.  Just bring something that is easy to pack – perhaps topping out at a piece where the overall canvas size 16” to 18”.  You want something that you cane easily throw in your luggage, and also that is a proper size to handle in a variety of stitching locations (on a plane, in a car).  So really, my advice is to bring a piece that isn’t the size of a large Christmas stocking.Taking something small in size is satisfying especially because you can finish the project within a week’s vacation.  Whether you choose some ornaments or small samplers, or tray or luggage tag insert, the smaller projects (6” and below) are great for instant gratification, and feeling a sense of accomplishment while you’re on downtime goes a long way.  We have a lot of projects like this, ranging from ornaments, glasses cases, mini samplers and inserts for trays, jewelry boxes and coasters.Here are some nice, small projects that are easy to carry around!

    Hanukkah Sampler


    Floral insert (pictured with threads and jewelry box)


    ho cubed


    Dog Bone Ornament


Please keep in mind that these recommendations are coming from someone who is no expert at needlepoint, but rather someone who does it with joy and limited skill.  For our experienced stitchers, you know what you’re capable of, and what is in your comfort zone.  Whatever you choose, make sure it’s something enjoyable, and leave the challenges for those times when you are more settled into your routine.  Ultimately, vacation is meant for rest and relaxation, and your stitching should contribute to that!

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