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Unbalanced Beauty

Unbalanced Beauty

I’ve been feeling a little off lately.  Between my allergies and the untimely passing of someone I grew up with, I’m just off kilter.  In my knitting life, I’ve been reveling in cotton and linen fibers, preparing for additions to my warm-weather wardrobe.  As per usual I opened Ravelry to check out what’s new, and I felt completely welcomed by a new set of patterns published by Erika Knight.

I don’t know much about Erika Knight as a knitwear designer, but I’m loving these patterns.  They seem to acknowledge and celebrate the imbalances we experience in life.  These designs include a bunch of edgy, off-kilter interpretations of classic knitwear shapes.  Classic pullovers look riddled with runs, seams are exposed, hemlines are uneven, and almost all of the pieces are delightfully asymmetrical.


I’ve been thinking a lot about how glorious cotton can be, and how much I’d love to have a cotton cabled sweater for the mountains in the summer.  Caravan is just that.  I love its funnel neck, bracelet sleeves and allover asymmetry.  Since I’m absolutely adoring working with Juniper Moon’s Neve, I would wholeheartedly recommend this yarn for this sort of project.  I also think 365 Yak would be a gorgeous choice, and easier to work with than a straight up cotton.


Tuareg is a funky grandpa-cardigan.  It’s incredibly relaxed.  It’s also worked in a combination of stockinette and reverse stockinette stitch.  This combined with its front hems joining asymmetrically make it quirky and edgy, but not too much so.  Try knitting up this piece in Juniper Moon’s Zooey or Cascade’s Pima Cotton.  You could also work it up in Queensland’s Savanna or Elsbeth Lavold’s Silky Wool, for the lightest version.


Rhapsody is the most traditional of the pieces in this collection of patterns.  This simple boxy top is covered in various patterns of stripes.  I love the combination of blues shown in the picture, but now matter how you slice it, these bold stripes give this wearable piece a lovely, nautical feel. All the yarns listed above for Tuareg would again be perfect for Rhapsody.  For a timeless piece like this, I also think it would be lovely to combine Shibui’s Reed with Cima or Pebble.


My favorite piece is Bluebird, and I love everything about it down to the blue-haired model in the picture (whom I believe is Erika Knight).  The neckline and hemline of this tank both look unfinished or like mistakes, and I absolutely love it.  This long tank looks gorgeous layered, but I’d wear it easily over skinnies or wide leg pants all spring and summer.  Again, Zooey, Pima Cotton, Savanna, or Silky Wool would all be lovely for this.  I also think Juniper Moon’s Findley DK would give this edgy piece a refined sheen, taking it to another level.


Breezy is a quick knit that I’m definitely making.  This marled fabric is made with two strands of a DK-weight yarn, and it’s exactly the sort of tank I’m wearing all summer with my denim skirts and high-waisted silhouettes.  A couple skeins of Juniper Moon’s Zooey is just the right thing for this, but I’d also consider knitting a single strand of Juniper Moon’s Cumulus or Pure Bliss’s Sita for a light, solid version of this easy tank.

I realize these pieces aren’t for everyone, but I feel comforted knowing that someone sees the loveliness in pre-coffee, got-dressed-in-the-dark, off-kilter look that we all need some days.

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